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You’re With A Sincere Man

You’re With A Sincere Man

Here are a few signals that your man is actually as sincere as can be.

No relationship on the face of this earth could possibly survive when there is no honesty. People in relationships must always be honest to each other. They have to allow each other the space to speak their minds freely without fear of being judged. Once there is dishonesty and a lack of sincerity in a relationship, that is a breach of trust. Once the trust in a relationship has been compromised, then it can be very difficult to repair. Not to mention all of the emotional trauma and heartache that comes with having your trust betrayed.

And so that’s why a lot of girls will end up withholding their trust for a while. They want to know if their men are really worthy of the trust in the relationship. They want to know if their men are really sincere in their words and gestures. They want to know if their men have noble intentions. They want to know if their men have any ulterior motives.

So if you’re the kind of girl who has no idea if your man is sincere or not, then just read through the rest of this post. There are some signs that you can keep an eye out for to find out if your man really is sincere. Just make sure to be vigilant and sharp. Here are a few signals that your man is actually as sincere as can be.

1. He has no problem letting you take the lead.

If a man were really sincere about his feelings for you, then he would have absolutely no problem relinquishing control in the relationship. Men who have hidden intentions and ulterior motives are those who are always trying to manipulate and control their women. So if he is the type of guy who is okay with letting you make the decisions in the relationship, then that means he really trusts you and that he’s not trying to manipulate you at all. Be wary of those guys who never let you have a say in the relationship because they are the ones who don’t trust you or value your opinion.

2. He doesn’t fight dirty when you argue.

He never resorts to cheap character attacks or vulgar language whenever you get into arguments. He always keeps a level head and he sticks to the issue that you’re arguing about. He isn’t the type of guy who will argue with you for the sake of making you feel bad. You would know that he was really sincere about his love for you if he never made you feel like you were being attacked or harassed in any way. Even if you are arguing, he still wants to be able to create a safe space for you to be able to express yourself. 


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