You’ll Stay Single Forever, When You Keep Thinking These 3 Things


Here are some negative thoughts you’re probably having about dating, love and may explain the reason why you’re single:

With regards to dating, you haven’t done everything. That’s the truth. You’ve probably done everything that doesn’t work but you haven’t done the things that do work. The key to effective dating is somewhat spontaneity of actions and it all starts with following instincts.

Go out of your room, leave your desk in your office at lunchtime, start a little conversation with that stranger on the bus, do things if you feel like it. Most of the time, when you ignore those instincts of yours, you missed the possibilities to meet the right people.

Bear in mind: everyone is a unique individual. Don’t devour yourself with the idea that everyone around you is a cheater. If you get cheated once, twice, or many times, it doesn’t necessarily mean that you’ll be cheated on over and over again. Remember that if your past relationships have only given you so much ache, the future still awaits and will eventually erase all the pain you’ve been through. You’ll be healed in the perfect time and you’ll be filled with love once more as you find the one.

The thing is that there is a cover for every pot. You are for someone and someone is for you. You don’t need to discover love as it will find its own way to you. The key is to be interested in the possibility that it exists. How will you be able to discover something when you don’t even believe its existence in the first place? What you need to do is trust that love does exist for you and know that with the right attitude, accompanied by the right action, you will soon find love.