Wrong Things Women Do To Grab A Man’s Attention That Don’t Actually Work


Here are some of the more common things that women do to attract men that are not going to work:

1. Being all silly and giggly: The cute bimbo thing is dead! Men are more attracted to intelligence and confidence, than they are to giggling coyness. They like someone who can laugh and is fun to be with, but too much of it, and you’ll push all the good guys away.

2. Way too much makeup: One of the most common mistakes that women make is overdoing the makeup. If it looks like it’s fake, then a guy’s not going to like it. That goes equally for makeup, hair, nails and tan too. Your natural beauty will get his attention far quicker, so let it shine!

3. Picky eaters: A girl wants to be dainty and ladylike when she eats but, actually, a guy would rather see a girl tuck into her food and enjoy it. Ok, so they don’t want to look up and watch you eat your twelfth hot dog, but a healthy appetite would be good.

4. Trying to keep up with the alcohol consumption: A man is not going to think well of a girl who can outdrink him and even less of a girl that gets drunk. This is one area where a ladylike moderation will work, so keep the wine consumption to a glass or two. He’ll be more impressed by self-control, than a lack of it.

5. Trying to be one of the boys: If he wanted a night with the boys’ he’d gone out with his friends. Men still like their girls to be girls, so keep the risqué jokes and bad language down; he’d rather not hear it from his lady.

6. Gushing compliments: Guys like to be complimented, but only in moderation. It will only come across as being false, if you make too many compliments or make them too obvious. If you over-compliment him, then he will stop believing it anyway.