1. He’s trustworthy.

It’s never a good feeling to doubt your dude.

Honesty and trust is everything in a relationship. If he wants to hang out with his guy friends, you need to trust that he’s being truthful (and not actually out with his cute new coworker).

Once you’ve established trust with each other, the rest of the relationship should just come naturally.

2. He knows how to make you laugh.

Even if he cracks up at “dad jokes”, being able to laugh and let loose over anything is a truly important characteristic that your man should have.

The best guy avoids childish pranks, and can see the humor in everyday situations. It’s especially great if he can lighten the mood during stressful moments. When things seem dire, a good laugh is often hard to find.

3. He knows how to manage his finances.

Money is one of the number one things that couples fight about. You want a guy who isn’t afraid to spendon occasion, but also knows that blowing his entire paycheck on video games is a bad idea.

This guy knows that rent and utilities are a higher priority than fancy dinners and pricey new clothes.

4. He isn’t social media crazy.

You get what I mean. He doesn’t spend hours checking his facebook or instagram feed, and doesn’t craft events with you just for the instagram photo. He likes spending time with you, and realizes that not everything is a photo opportunity to share with the world.

5. He’s got a grand plan for his life.

It’s not too healthy to have everything planned by the year, but a guy who has a general rough draft of where he sees himself in a few years is a guy who doesn’t just coast through life.

He’s thought ahead, and has visions of where he’d be happiest, as well as direction on how to get there.

6. He inspires you to be a better person.

This one is super important. You want to be with someone who makes you strive to be the best version of you that you can be.

He’ll never outwardly say that you should change, but you’ll evolve naturally due to the fact that he believes in you. The best relationships help us mature into well-rounded, happy individuals.

H/T:  Bolde