Why You Should Marry The Complicated Woman


However, dating or even marrying a complicated woman is a rewarding goal. You may spend a lot of time and effort to win her heart and make her fall in love with you, but you will never regret you did it.

Here’s why you should consider marrying a complicated girl:

1. She has too high expectations

When the girl is brave enough to tell you exactly what she expects from you, think twice before dumping her. You don’t have to agree with her expectations, especially if they are too high, but following some of them may keep you ticking in life. The main point is that her expectations should not contradict your goals.

2. She demands respect

While you`ll respect her at first to gain her sympathy, you will never stop respecting your complicated wife because she will never stop demanding it from you. Whatever the reason, guys rarely respect simple girls. Simple girls are too quiet and clingy. They don’t need respect, they need a lot of attention. Since a complicated girl wants to be treated in a good way every minute, you get it as a habit and start respecting everyone around you.

3. She is active

Watching TV all day long or spending too much time on social media is not for complicated girls. They love to be productive and active. They can accomplish a huge amount of work and then party hard till the early morning. If you try to date a complicated girl, you will never feel bored, but be ready to feel full of energy all day and night long!