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Why Do Men Lie to Women – Top 8 Reasons

Why Do Men Lie to Women – Top  8 Reasons

If you are a woman, attempt to understand that all the little lies said by your spouse/boyfriend, aren’t said with the intention to hurt you. May be, try and appreciate the very fact that he does it primarily so you’re happy. try and ignore his very little lies, instead of racking your brains over why he did so. Once you understand this, you’ll work around the occasional lies.

1. Women might not cope with bitter truth

In order to avoid any unpleasant happenings at home, and out of worry that ladies would undergo uncontrolled emotions on hearing a bitter truth, men prefer to hide the reality. They concern that the peace at home would opt for a toss. And if his current relationship is already facing the heat, then the reality could worsen the relationship; to avoid this, a man would like to lie.

2. Fiction is more believable

This is quite common also. ladies have a tendency to refuse to believe one thing that’s just too “easy” to be true. Poor men, wherever do they go at such a time. If they are saying the truth, they’ll be constantly questioned. So, they make up a additional advanced lie, and also the women tend to fall for it!

3. To Impress a woman

Many men exaggerate regarding themselves so as to put up a proud front before ladies. They feel that if a lady discovers a “truth”, about them, they may lose a woman’s attention. Men may still do so, until one fine day, when their lies are chanced upon.

4. To make you feel better

Now, if you’ve got cooked the worst meal ever, you’d not wish him to tell you that in the face, right? more therefore, men are trained to tell the woman the food is sweet, come what may, if they care concerning her. So, in such a case his lie to you would be one thing like “the food was amazing”. you would not mind this lie, would you?

5. Their woman wouldn’t understand

This is a really common cause that makes men lie as a result of they worry that a woman would fail to understand their side of the story. rather than facing the situation, men are more happy lying and consider themselves safe, instead of handling undesirable emotions of a woman.

6. To hide the truth

These are the lies that you got to be cautious of. Yes, all the lies that men say don’t seem to be white lies. Some are those that they are saying to cover one thing from you.

7. Lying is normal

Don’t blow over the above statement completely; it applies solely to certain men who believe it is a normal thing to do. for a few men, blurting out lies could be a very simple thing and that they are quite habituated in doing that. it is the best thing they will do for they do not value their relationship. they might most likely keep on lying if they haven’t fallen into a soup, and if lying has helped them accomplish their goal.

8. Telling half truth

Often a man isn’t specifically lying, however he’s not fully honest either. He can say the suitable part of} the truth and very conveniently “forget” about the unacceptable part of it; like he could say that he took a friend out for shopping, however he could omit the part where his “friend” is really his ex-girlfriend. Let’s face it; if you’re his girlfriend or married woman, you’d at least frown at the idea. So, to keep you happy, he would simply not mention it.


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