Men tend to cheat on their wives or girl friends sometimes, though not all men cheat, some men do and being cheated always feels bad and there are different reasons why these men cheat on their loyal wife or girl friends, given

Below are 6 of the prominent reasons for the same.

1. He’s cheating because you’ll never leave him.

Sometimes men take their women for granted and think that they can do anything and no matter what you will not leave him, that kind of gives confidence to these men to cheat.

2. He’s cheating because he’s sure about you.

That you will stand with him no matter what.

3. He’s cheating because he thinks that your body will get ‘ugly’ soon.

He might have missed the sexy figure you had earlier so he might be finding some other ways to satisfy his cravings.

4. He’s cheating because your life revolves strictly around yourself.

Not giving enough attention to your partner can also be the reason he is cheating on you

5. He’s cheating because he wanted some affirmation.

Some men constantly want to prove for themselves that they have qualities that girls like and by trying his ways to others, he can weigh what is he really, and what more must he do to keep the relationship stable in the long run. That’s an effective element of give-and-take in the relationship.

6. He’s cheating because he is not getting enough space, which can choke the guy.

Some women never give enough private space to their men , they even keep constant contact while he is away on work, this might choke the guy. Men need space and time for their work and friends, if they are not getting that , they may cheat, even though you are perfectly loyal with him.

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