People share their “Friends crazy” stories that will blow your mind, read below.

1. Married couple 

I met them as an already married couple and everything seemed fine until she went into labor at my house. It was her second child so she knew it was early labor and decided to rest on our couch while we hung out. We were going to watch her older child when she went to the hospital anyway and our house is 30 minutes closer to the hospital, so it made sense for the three of them to hang around our house until “go time.” That’s when my husband and I started noticing her husband’s strange behavior.

He was a very charming guy and a very good father to his son, but he started making fun of his wife during contractions. He would roll his eyes and tell her to shut up if she even made the slightest groan. He joked that she was a pussy and was overreacting. The whole situation got so awkward that my husband insisted he go home to get their hospital bags, just to give the poor woman a break from her crappy husband.

A few months after the birth of her second child, he hit his wife with his car while she physically tried to block him from leaving during an argument. He disappeared for days and didn’t come home until she proved to him that she hadn’t gone to the hospital or contacted the police. Thus began systematic abuse that continued for two more years and she hid from me like an expert. He would hurt her and then threaten to withhold money for groceries if she said anything to anyone.

I knew he was a dick and I knew she often needed me to pick her up to get food from food pantries because “he was bad with money,” but I had no idea he was hurting her. She finally left him after he threw her through a window while she was eight months pregnant with their third child.

The story doesn’t end there. After the divorce, he and his friend started making child pornography. It started by giving meth to teens and then filming them having sex. Eventually, they were molesting his daughters, ages 18 months and 3, while taking video. When the older daughter turned 4, she told her mom what was happening and the shit hit the fan. Now he’s in jail for a looooong time.

2. Ex boyfriend

My best friend’s ex boyfriend walked like he was trying to intimidate people. And every time he asked someone a question about someone’s opinion (hey what do you think of that statue, do you like sauerkraut) he’d respond to their answer with “I had a feeling you were going to say that.” It seems harmless but it was every single time, and if you called him out on it (you couldn’t possibly have known I was allergic to x!) he lashed out in anger. Every time she tried to break up with him he cornered her and wouldn’t let her leave the room until she relented, and even their couple’s therapist thought she should leave him for her own safety after two or three sessions. He would wait for her shift to end just sitting in his car in the parking lot and if she didn’t come out fast enough he’d storm into the building in a fury, but if she came out on time he’d just leave. He wasn’t there to pick her up, just to monitor her… which he also did through a gps tracker he put in her car.

She now has a restraining order and has moved twice. He broke into her apartment with a gun while she was deep asleep and just snuggled up behind her with the gun between them as if it was his dick, and that was how she woke up. There are other things but this is getting long.

edit because people are nosy curious about other things he did:

-helped me move, but only to find out where I lived. After their breakup he came to my door several times looking for her, and when she was generally Not Here he settled for monitoring my house

-extreme fitness nut who was obsessed with telling people whether or not he could bench them (hint: usually not)

-lots of gaslighting, don’t remember the details

-insisted on changing her cat’s name, which didn’t stick

-wouldn’t let her not watch tv with him even though there are a hundred things she’d rather do than watch tv at any given time, up to and including a pap smear. This inspired multiple fights

-charmed her parents so successfully that they insisted she go to couple’s therapy to “work out their differences” which were “I don’t want to be constantly monitored, also your general controlling behavior is creepy” vs “you have nothing to hide if you’re doing nothing wrong”

-ultimately their breakup was supervised by the couples councilor , who had building security waiting in the lobby and her hand on a panic button (who knew she’d have that)

-stormed into her work when she quit (post-breakup) because he decided they fired her and his plan was apparently to threaten them to get her her job back

-took her to court to argue against the restraining order. Judge looked at friend’s documentation and how she was leaning away from him even on opposite sides of the room and he was making kissy faces at her and granted the order

-made very public posts on some weightlifting social media thing about what a crazy ex-girlfriend he had and linked her profile in his own profile

3. Previous Roommate

A bit of background, this was a good friend of ours and previous roommate. At this point he’d moved out about a year and a half prior and we’d only had internet contact with him since. It was a meetup of old friends when we went to visit home.

This was the first time we (wife and I) met his newest girlfriend after his previous long-term relationship ended. She wasn’t so bad, kind of giggling and goofy for him since he’s a bit more serious, but fine, they seemed happy. We were out for dinner and her and my wife go off to the bathroom. I thought this was odd, since my wife is kind of a tomboy and doesn’t do the whole ‘girls go to the bathroom to do their makeup and gossip’ thing, but I find out later friend’s SO invited her to ask her a few questions about our friend.

Well, after about 20 minutes went by, I realized they weren’t back yet. We were both tipsy and engaged in conversation and time got away. This was a small gathering of a few couples, and one of hte other girls goes to check on them. Come to find out, friend’s SO basically had my wife cornered in the bathroom, crying in her face and demanding to know why our friend had a secret crush on my wife and why he wouldn’t admit it to her. After getting the recap from my wife, she said she had no clue if the girl was going to attack her or molest her since a few times she was apparently completely against her to the wall.

Apparently it was a mixture of my wife wanting to calm her down, and also a little afraid since she was half this girl’s size and legitimately couldn’t get past her that caused the long drawn out… issue. Luckily the person going to check on them snapped the girl out of it and diffused the situation.

Very bizarre, we’ve seen her one time since (not exactly on purpose) and she acts like the whole thing didn’t happen. She apparently has no history of mental illness, but I have no clue beyond that