12 Panty Mistakes We Need to Stop Making

8. Visible panty lines.

Visible panty lines, aka VPL, have to be one of the worst panty mistakes we need to stop making. It’s the most visible and easily repairable mistakes of all! The solution is to wear a pair one size larger, or opt for a thong, g-string or seamless panty.

9. Using non-hypoallergenic detergent.

Using detergents or dryer sheets that have a high concentration of perfumes can be the culprit of irritation. Even if you don’t have sensitive skin overall, your lady parts can have a different reaction than any other area of your body.

10. Shapewear 24/7.

We love our corsets. We love our shapewear. But, everything that compresses your body so much shouldn’t be worn for extended periods of time. You can experience decreased circulation, numbness and tingling in your extremities, so keep your corset looks to a minimum.

11. Camel toe.

We all have the same parts, so why do only some of us put the camel toe on display? Too little coverage. Either the panty worn is too small in size, or not covering enough skin. If you’re afraid of a frontal wedgie, wear a hipster or seamless thong panty under those leggings.

12. You’re storing them wrong, too.

If you’re one to toss all of your panties into your bra drawer, all of that cute lace can get snagged and pulled by your bra hooks. Fold each panty individually and keep them in a separate area of your drawer from the bras.

So there you have it. The most common panty problems we experience and some easy fixes!

H/T:  Adoreme 

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