12 Panty Mistakes We Need to Stop Making

Here are all of our under-the-surface panty woes that can seriously affect the shape of our lady parts, and our health ‘down there.’

1. Panties that are too tight.

More often than not, we shop for panties by size and not necessarily by fit. Some brands may sell a medium that actually fits like an extra small, and that ladies, is how we are rewarded with a muffin top.

2. Going straight for thongs.

Thong panties are great in many aspects, like little-to-zero panty lines and a sexy look if we’re in the mood. However, if you tend to get yeast or bacterial infections, a thong can make it way worse.

3. Wearing thongs to sleep.

Whether or not your daily wear of a thong irritates your lady parts, sleeping in one is not advised. Your best bet is to sleep in a cotton panty or nothing at all.

4. Wearing underwear at all to sleep.

Some of us prefer the sense of security that panties and pajamas give us when it’s time to pass out, and others are more comfy in their birthday suits. Regardless of your taste, sleeping completely in the nude is healthier.

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