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Ways To Choose Between Two Guys You Love

Ways To Choose Between Two Guys You Love

If you don’t know how to choose between two guys, If you need to choose between two guys, then you can start thinking about how each guy makes you feel and to trust your gut when the time comes. I’m going to enlighten you. Unfortunately you are going to have to hurt someone that you care about by letting him go and that really sucks. If you need a bit of help on how to choose between two guys, The following steps can help you to make the right choice.

Look at the way you interact with both of the guys. If one of the guy hurts you physically or mentally, then your choice is clear. The right guy for you will make you feel good about yourself. Being verbally abusive or dismissive could be a red flag that the relationship could become an abusive one. You want a guy who compliments you and makes you feel good. If you leave him feeling awful, he is not the right guy for you.

There are some things that are automatic signs that you should end the relationship. While some examples like abusiveness are obvious, other deal breakers are highly specific to the individual. Perhaps one guy is still close to his ex-girlfriend. Or, you love traveling, but one of the guys does not want to ever leave his state. Other deal breakers might be no common interests, an inability to compromise or a quick temper. If you find a deal breaker with one guy, then you should take a closer look at your other option.

Ultimately, dating is a way for you to find a partner in life. You need someone who can handle a bad day and deal with life’s challenges. Making mistakes is fine, but you need someone who will learn from his mistakes. You also need to find a partner who can support you through the good times and the bad. If he cannot handle you at your worst, he does not deserve you at your best.

For some people, an easy way to choose is by listing the pros and cons of each guy. Before you do this, create a list of the qualities you want in a boyfriend. Then, list down the qualities that each guy has. Who matches your ideal boyfriend best? If you need help getting started on the list, you may want to look for popular qualities like a sense of humor, compassion, loyalty, intelligence, helpfulness or kindness. The guy who has more of these qualities will be a better partner for you.

If both guys are absolutely perfect, then you might want to go with the guy who cares for you the most. Look at the little details. Does he remember your birthday, your favorite color or your favorite meal? It might be because he is more interested than you. You can also look at who you remember the most about. You are more likely to remember the details about a guy that you really care for than a casual fling. If you remember a lot of little details about one guy, it might mean that you are subconsciously more interested in him.


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