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The most reliable way to lose back fat that really works

Getting rid of back fat may seem like an uphill task for many people. However, with the knowledge that fatty deposits are linked to insulin resistance, high testosterone, and low carbohydrate tolerance, resulting in a risk of Diabetes and PCOS, and infertility, back fat is not something to overlook. 

Excess amounts of body fat accumulate on the back. Back fat shows up as a bloated upper back, a diminished waistline, and ‘love handles’ also known as ‘muffin top,’ at the lower back.  

Back fat will cause you to start wearing clothes that are a size bigger, and if you do not control the weight gain, you would eventually need a wardrobe overhaul. For women, back fat will cause them to keep buying bigger bra sizes. 

What Causes Back Fat?

Back fat accumulates gradually with time as a result of weight gain. The leading causes of back fat include:

1. Unhealthy diet

Where do most of your diet come from? If you buy your food from fast-food chains and bakeries, then you are generally eating junk food. These foods have too much fat, calories, carbohydrates, added sugar, and sodium. 

As much as your body needs these things to function, they are only required in moderate amounts. Excess amounts of fat, calories, and sugars are stored as fat, and if you do not make your body use them as fuel, they turn into excess weight and back fat. 

It is good to note that even a fat-free diet can have excess calories converted to body fat. Drinking sodas and other sugary fluids also cause weight gain. Excess amounts of sugar and salt cause inflammation in your body. 

2. Sedentary lifestyle

If you are seated for most of your day and use a vehicle to maneuver your way around, you will be at risk of weight gain and back fat. Lack of physical exercise or activity means that the body is not utilizing stored fats. The metabolic rate also decreases. 

3. Natural aging process

As we age, lipid turnover in the fat tissue diminishes, making it easier to gain weight. Muscle mass also decreases with age ad this slows the metabolic rate, making it challenging to maintain a healthy weight. 

4. Genetics

Genetic composition plays a significant role in determining whether and how you will put on weight and where fat will be stored. Have you noticed that some people will eat almost anything and still not grow fat? Genetics has to do with hormones that affect your weight, such as low testosterone, estrogen, and predominant patients. 

Back fat caused by genetic composition can be controlled by correct, healthy diets along with exercise. 

Back fat location

According to Very Well Fit, Back fat is deposited in different areas for different people. 

  • Upper back fat: This is fat deposited on the top part of the back and spills over the bra strap’s back.
  • Lower back fat: This is fat that spills over at the back when you wear pants.
  • Mid-back fat: This is fat that deposits at the back of the waist.

Here is the most reliable way to lose back fat that really works

It is possible to lose back fat, despite where it is deposited. You just have to follow a consistent program of diet, exercise, and lifestyle changes. 

To lose back fat, remove the following foods from your diet 

  • Salt and sugar: Both products are very harmful to your body and health
  • Mayonnaise, ketchup, and butter: They are all high in cholesterol and calories, butter should be excluded from your daily menu to lose back fat.
  • Baked foods: Replace white bread with rye bread

Exercises that will help you to lose back fat

Strength training will help you shape the muscles in the upper, middle, and lower back. Begin with the following exercises.

  • Mid-back exercises: If you do the wing-shaped exercises in the middle of your back tighter and firmer, your waist will appear smaller. The lat pulldown is a useful exercise to strengthen these muscles to bring about a toned and triangular shape.  
  • Shoulder exercises: When you tone your shoulders, the muscles beneath your shoulders, especially at your bra line, will look smaller. Do dumbbell lateral raises or an overhead press workout. 
  • Try lower back workouts: Do lower back exercises to strengthen your core and better posture. The erector spinae and back extension exercise will work on these zones of your back. 
  • Back intensive cardio exercises: Cardio is good for burning excess calories that result in backfat loss. Good cardio exercises for getting rid of back fat include; swimming, walking, biking, rowing, boxing, and even consistent skipping will make a big difference in backfat loss.  

Lifestyle changes to lose back fat

When you change your lifestyle, you make your weight loss journey more effective. According to HealthLine, these are some of the lifestyle changes you can incorporate into your routine. 

  • Practice better posture. Stoping makes your back fat more visible. It can even exaggerate the amount o fat deposit. Learn to straighten your back as you sit or walk. This will minimize the visibility of back fat and strengthen your back and give you a work out even as you sit. 
  • Walk more often. Walk your child to school, walk your dog, or instead of driving to the grocery store, take a walk to a fro. Walking burns calories. Carrying the luggage is also a form of exercise as your arms and back get toned. 
  • Stop smoking. If you are a smoker or consider quitting. When you quit smoking, your body burns calories more quickly. You may notice slight weight gain the first three months of quitting even if you haven’t changed your meal portion, but after that, the body starts to burn calories faster. 

Do away with stress to lose back fat

Stress places a huge toll on your emotional and physical health. For some people, stress makes them eat more, consuming more calories and gaining weight as a result. Back fat is an aftermath of weight gain. 

Stress also triggers the release of a hormone called cortisol or the stress hormone. Prolonged production of cortisol triggers weight gain, especially around the midsection. To combat stress, make sure you get enough sleep, take up meditation and exercises like yoga and Pilates. 

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