Trick To Falling Asleep Is To Simply Stick Your Foot Outside Your Blankets At Night


So the trick to falling asleep is to simply stick your foot outside your blanket. We are not kidding!

According to the science, our body needs to be at a particular temperature to get a sound sleep.

Studies have shown that when our body temperature drops sharply, this condition leads to physical fatigue which is a signal for the brain: it’s time to go to sleep!

Did you notice, when you sleep, your foot tends to get out of the cover? According to the American Sleep Association, this “naked” foot promotes better quality of the sleep. This is a natural reflex but now you know it can turn into very effective tip for insomnia! No more counting sheep, you just get your foot off the blanket to fall into the arms of Morpheus faster.

Why when the foot is outside the coverage is related to good sleep?

Just because the cold promotes sleep and sleep is very much related to the temperature of the body. Having the foot out of blanket cools the body when its temperature is too high to sleep (especially in summer).

Moreover, it is often advisable not to turn on the heater in a bedroom before going to sleep, because the ideal temperature of the room should be around 54 to 75 ° F.

Therefore, the external temperature as well as body temperature plays an important role in sleep. The lower the body temperature, the deeper the sleep.

The foot: a key part of the anatomy to sleep well

The secret to a perfect sleep is probably in the feet, where an arteriovenous anastomosis (connection between an artery and a vein) helps regulate body temperature. And we all know that the veins play an important role in temperature regulation mechanisms. For example, when a cool wind tickles the soles of the feet, this action cools the blood under the skin. This blood cools the rest of the body by lowering the temperature and sends a signal to the brain that means it wants to sleep.

Conversely, high body temperature makes us more vivid and “excited”. So when you are hot, there are many things you can do and certainly sleep does not fall in that category! This is probably why people, almost unconsciously, keep one foot out of the coverage.

So next time when you are trying to get a sleep do try this hack of sticking your foot out of blanket along with taking hot showers or drinking warm milk before bed because the ways get the body to cool down

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