Top 10 Signs He Likes You


How to know for sure if a guy likes you”

1. He’s protective towards you

Little signs show you his feelings towards you. He takes care of your needs, walks you home, calls you at night. He is scared for you to get hurt. If he offers you his coat, offers you help and protects you from crown then these are good signs. He is being a gentleman but often the case is he simply likes you.

2. Gets jealous

He gets jealous only because he want to own you, call you “mine”, hold your hand in front of everybody. He can’t position any other guy with you. This is why he mess with every guy who tries to flirt with you.

3. First of all, he tries hard to ignore you

“Play hard to get” is a strategy guys use to attract girls towards them. Since girls are always surrounded by guys trying to seduce her in every way possible. He tries to look unique with a hint of love in it. It makes you wonder why is he the only guy who doesn’t pay attention to you. This is what attracts you the most towards him.

4. Gives you “That look”

He can’t stand a minute without looking at you. Even if he is sitting at the corner of the room, you will catch him giving you “that look”. He tries to avoid eye-contact because it makes him nervous since eyes are the only way to the soul.

5. Acts differently around you

If he is interested in you, he won’t act normal around you as he acts with his family or friends. Watch him with his friends alone and then witness him when he is with you. He will either be more quiet, talkative, shy or act cool in front of you to impress you.

6. Furthermore, Asks for your number

If he asks for your number then it’s a clear sign that he is into you. Guys come up with a dumb reason to get your number and that is when you know he wants to get closer to you by exchanging texts. It is a simple mean to stay in touch and know each other.

7. Calls you for a date

Calling you for a date is his way to check whether you both are compatible with each other or not. You earn a chance to get to know your companion and trade your thoughts.

8. Compliments, compliments and compliments.

Guys rarely compliment women they don’t like. He might give you subtle yet not so obvious comment and then keep joking around.

It doesn’t matter if he passes a direct or an indirect compliment, getting a compliment from him is obvious that he likes you.

So, in conclusion, these are the obvious signs which manifest that he likes you or not. Follow his eyes, if he stares at your legs or lips while talking then he’s understandably not interested in you but your body.

9. Follows you on Facebook and Instagram

Now 21st century is all about media. Guys don’t send friend requests to chicks they don’t like. It’s obvious. He follows you to know more about you, your likes, tastes and friends. Checking out your pictures and the comments your friends left for you is another thing he does if he likes you.

10. “So do you have a boyfriend?”

It is a question that guys most probably ask when they admit their feelings towards you and wish to give you and himself a chance.

If he doesn’t like a babe he won’t give a damn about her relationship status. Even if he doesn’t ask this directly, he looks for indirect ways to ask about it. “Who are you with?” or “Are you committed?”.

H/T:  Sarcasmlol