Top 10 Behaviors Men Do That Turn Women Off


So here are ten things men do that turn women off. Let’s begin.

Being too much of a “mama’s boy”

The ladies hate it when their man is too much of a mama’s boy. It’s sort of an unhealthy attachment when a man is a little too involved with his mother and doesn’t really listen to his partner as much. He doesn’t pay attention to her partner’s opinions and doesn’t prioritise her needs more than his mother. This shows immaturity because when you grow, you develop more responsibilities towards people you have to spend your life with. I love my mother more than anything in the world, I can do anything for my mother, but I know that my girlfriend also holds a very important part in my life and I can’t ignore that either.

 Having a cold-shoulder attitude

This used to be me, I used to develop the “Cold Shoulder Syndrome” as soon as I got upset with my girlfriend. This used to happen after every argument, if anything was still bothering me after an argument I would just keep it to myself and let it pent up inside of me rather than telling her how I feel. But obviously, my actions weren’t matching with my words because I was trying to keep a lot inside by just giving me girlfriend the “it’s okay” vibe, but it was a huge turn off and I had to fix it, and I did.

Being sexist

Women hate it when men act sexist, it’s a major turn off for them. When a man acts like he’s looking down on his woman, regarding stuff like her job, her lifestyle, her career goals, it seems a bit sexist and it’s a turn off. Women should be treated equally and with respect, I keep uplifting my girlfriend to follow her dreams to be a traveler because I know she can do it better than me because she’s good at it. I never put her down by saying she can’t do something just because she’s a woman.

 Being egotistic

Ego is a massive turn off. When is a man is egotistic about his life, his friends, his money or anything else for that matter, it’s a huge turn off for women. Women like modesty and kindness. I don’t let my ego take control of my relationship because when ego gets in between, things start going down. Be kind to others, be modest with the world no matter how much you have and no matter what car you drive.

 Being too inquisitive

It’s a major turn off when men become detectives and start asking questions. It leads to the fact that they might have certain insecurities that they haven’t dealt with yet and it turns women off. Women want trust, women want their men to be open and vocal about their insecurities and work on them together for a better future. When a guy starts asking questions about her life, her work, her friends and her money, it’s a major turn off.

Crying way too often

It’s kind of sweet and sentimental when a strong man cries, it shows that he was trying to be as strong as he could but he couldn’t take it anymore. It’s a completely different story when men cry too often and on every little thing. I’m not saying be an alpha male and forget about emotions. Be emotional, but to the extent where it doesn’t turn her off. You’re a man, you have every right to cry, but in certain situations you have to think and asses before you just give in to your feelings.

Running away from commitments

Getting cold feet during serious conversations is something that shows that the man isn’t as committed to the relationship as the woman is. It shows that they aren’t too responsible with their lives and their promises and they shiver at any remote discussion of moving forward and starting a life together. Be firm with your decisions, keep your promises and commit your all.

Giving more time and importance to their “boys”

All men have guy friends, their “boys” who they always hang with and chill with and share everything with. It’s okay for a guy to hang with his boys, it’s not okay when he starts giving them more time and importance than the woman he’s dating. Women hate it when men give more importance to their “dudes’ night out” and their “man time”. It’s disrespectful and shows that he’s not that into her. A man who loves you will always give you more time and importance than his friends because love is a lot of level above friendship and it should visibly show in your relationship.

Being jack of all trades

Some men like to talk a little too high up about themselves, this is one of the turn offs for women (women who actually love you for who you are). When a guy portrays himself as the jack of all trades, someone who can “do it all” and nothing can stop him, it sort of turns women off because it goes a little far away from the realities of things. You want to boast? If you really are jack of all trades, boast all you want (but even then I’d recommend modesty), but sadly a very few men fit that category.

 Hearing but not listening

When a man “hears” his woman but doesn’t “listen”, it’s a massive turn off for them. Ladies love to talk, and they love it even more when their men listen with interest. When a man shows interest in a woman and what she says, it’s a huge turn on for them because they see the commitment in the level of interest he’s showing them. So when she’s talking, don’t just nod your heads in agreement, listen to them by paying attention.

H/T: RelRules