Tips On How To Fight Loneliness

1. Understand what loneliness is

Don’t confuse a feeling for a fact. Loneliness is more of a feeling, than it is a fact. Loneliness is often brought on by something that has triggered a bad memory, rather than the fact that you are really alone, it’s the brain working overtime, trying to make sense of things, but the fact is that you are probably not really alone.

2. Learn to control your thoughts

Another tip on how to deal with loneliness is to learn to control your own thoughts and start to challenge them. Look into your own heart, because feeling lonely can often be confused with feelings of inadequacy. Focus your mind on the things that you do best and begin to believe in yourself again, and that way, you can build the confidence to reach out to other people again.

3. Read more

Reading might seem to be a lonely pass-time, but it can help you to discover new things and give you more confidence. You can learn so much from reading and it will give you the motivation to take action and make your life more fulfilling.

4. Don’t be afraid to get back in touch with old friends

Another good tip on how to deal with loneliness is simple – get back in touch with old friends; you’ve got nothing to lose. You have friends that are only an email or a phone call away, and the only thing holding you back is you. Just because you haven’t spoken in a while, doesn’t mean that they have forgotten you, so pick up the phone, switch on your laptop and make contact with them again.

5. Don’t fear to expand your friendship circle

You can find new friends in the most unexpected of places, so don’t shy away from strangers. You don’t want to be approaching people randomly in the street, but when someone does hold out their hand in friendship, don’t run away, because, this time, it may be for real.

6. Try writing

Our next tip on how to deal with loneliness is to try writing. Writing is a great way to express your emotions. Try writing down on paper, or on your laptop, the emotions that you are feeling, and it will help you to understand better what is going on in your own mind. It doesn’t have to be prose worthy of a literary masterpiece; it’s just a great way to let your feelings flow and to understand them better.

7. Keep yourself busy

Another good suggestion on how to deal with loneliness is to keep yourself busy. If there is one thing that will make you feel lonely, then it is boredom. Sitting at home, dwelling on your problems, will only make things seem worse, so do something, anything, to occupy your mind and, you will feel a whole lot less lonely.

8. Understand that you don’t need to have people to be happy

There is nowhere on the ‘Manual of Life’ that says you have to be around other people all the time to be happy. Many people would love to have some time alone. You don’t have to be in a crowd to have a good time, because the best friend that you can ever have, is yourself.

9. Take up some hobbies

Next tip on how to deal with loneliness is to take up classes in a new hobby and you will soon find people with whom you have common interests. You can start a new hobby, simply because you enjoy it and, if you do make new friends, then that is fine and it’s a bonus, but if you don’t, then that’s just fine too.

10. Friends aren’t always the answer

You can have all the friends in the world, but still feel lonely. Try and figure out what it is that is really missing from your life and that way you might be better able to figure out the solution to the real problem. You may not be lonely; you may just be seeking something new in your life.

H/T: BeautyAndTips