If you’ve decided that the single life is for you but you’d like a few tips on how to enjoy it a bit more


They say that people who are in relationships are confident and that people who are single have low esteem. But this certainly doesn’t always have to be the case. If you are feeling a bit low recently, a great way to build your confidence back up is to do some exercise.

Regular work-out sessions enhance your looks, get you fit and healthy and improve your body image. So you’re single, but who cares? You look awesome!

Don’t Be Afraid Of Making Mistakes

Everyone makes mistakes, and now that you’re single you’re not really accountable to anyone. You’ve got the freedom to live your life for YOU without any compromises.

Go out there and enjoy yourself. Screw up if you need to. Go on a bad date, quit your job and try something new. While you’re single, you can do whatever you like without having to worry about your partner and what they may think.

Don’t Become Cynical

It can be easy to become cynical when you’re single and your friends are all in relationships.

Instead of liking your friend’s statuses on Facebook or Instagram, perhaps you’ll purposely say nothing.

Instead of complimenting your friend’s on their engagement, perhaps you’ll pretend you missed the announcement.

And instead of saying “He’s great for you!” perhaps you’ll snipe that he’s “Okay” but “I always thought you’d end up with a richer guy.”

Being cynical about your friend’s and their success will just make you feel worse. Instead, you should be happy for them because this positivity will make you feel a whole lot better about yourself.

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