Three Habits People Who Cheat On Their Partners Have In Common


 Here are the 7 things that cheaters in relationships have in common:

1. They will have very shady phone usage.

One of the most common ways to tell that your partner is a cheater is when they are very meticulous about how they use their cellphones. They will never want to just leave their phones lying out in the open unattended.

They would never be able to trust you with their phones because they would be too afraid of how you would react to the things that you would find there. There are many secrets in your partner’s phone and they would protect those secrets at all costs.

2. They will have no problem lying to you about a number of things.

If someone could lie to you about one thing, then there’s no telling about the number of things that they would be lying to you about.

So if you ever catch your partner in a lie, you have to now that that is an automatic betrayal of trust.

A cheater is always going to be a serial liar and you have substantial cause for worry if you know that your partner is lying to you about too many things.

3. They will keep on making sexual advances towards you.

While you might be led to believe that your partner is making sexual advances towards you because your relationship is in a good place, you shouldn’t be so confident just yet.

It might just mean the opposite. When a person is having a very active sexual lifestyle outside of a committed relationship, that sexual energy has a tendency to carry over into the actual relationship as well. This is a very common trait that can be found in a lot of cheaters.

H/T: RelRules