Ladies, there are many things that you might be doing, unknowingly or not, that might be stepping over his ego, and might be leaving him feeling emasculated. Here are few tips on things that women need to put in check when it comes to handling their men, and their egos.

Don’t take singlehanded decisions

This is the most important one that dumps a man’s ego straight into a bin. Taking all the decisions on your own is actually hurting your man’s ego. You might be independent, but when it comes to relationships, particularly marriage; it is always good to talk things over with your man first, before taking any decision.

Never make his salary a big issue

Money is the root cause of every evil, and if you are complaining about his salary, giving him evil looks, this is surely a way to emasculate him. Every person has different goals and priorities in life when it comes to making money; and if you don’t have anything nice to say, then don’t say it at all. Never say ill about his earning potentials.

Do not get personal in any argument

He might have made a bad judgment in his past, he might be earning lesser than you, he might be a mamma’s boy, or he might not be physically strong, but there is no need to bring these up while arguing. Never bring up these issues when you have a heated argument with him. Stick to the problem at hand, instead of making nasty comments about his nature or past. This will only backfire on you, big time!

Don’t ever lie to your man

Lying to your man is a very painful technique that breaks him, and your relationship down. It is quite similar like slow poisoning. The cloak of trust is fragile one indeed, and even the tiniest little white lie can tear that cloak beyond repair. Always try to be honest and authentic.

Don’t compare with others

Happiness in the present can easily be shattered by comparisons that we make. Try never to compare him with your friends, your brother, or your ex. They might have done better than him, they may be Mr. Perfect, but making comparison will bring negativity into your relationship. Rather than comparing try to appreciate him and tell him that you are grateful for his existence in your life.

If you want romance and unity, bliss and happiness in your relation, then try to lose yourself in utter trust into your man, and your relationship. Keep this things in mind to make sure that you do not say or do anything to shatter his ego.