These 6 Zodiac Signs Are The Biggest Overthinkers

Aquarius (january 20 – february 18)

You have a mind capable of great depth and wonder. It is your greatest gift – but it is also your greatest curse. You are so incredibly clever; but it also means that you have a hyperactive mind that examines so many theories and perspectives. Constantly process everything you consume with your senses; and do so at a level that most people can not touch.

Virgo (august 22 – september 23)

You are a perfectionist. You always want to make sure everything works properly; and you know the only way you do that is if you’re doing everything. However, it can also be very stressful on your mind. You are an obsessive problem solver. And when you notice a problem facing you right ahead, you can not allow it to continue until it has not been fully resolved. Only then, go and find another problem to solve.

Gemini (may 21 – june 20)

You’re so easily distracted. As a gemini, you focus your attention from one thing to another. And because of that, you’ll get to have a really busy mind. You have very unstructured thoughts and it’s just pure chaos in your brain.

Sagitariu (november 22 – december 21)

Your noncommittal nature is why you are an overthinker. You never want to act to make a single decision about something, because you are too afraid to make the wrong choice. You always want to make sure you make sound decisions about everything – and as a result you overturn. You will end up talking to yourself in and out of lots of endless internal debates.

Scorpio (october 23 – november 21)

You are very imprisoned and insensitive to those around you. Like scorpio, you are very judged. Analyze more people who interact with you because you want to make sure you do not put yourself in a weak position when you interact with them.

Capricorn (december 22 – january 19)

You’re very meticulous and anal about everything. As capricorn, you are a dreamer and a great hunt. You always want to make sure that everything you do is done with structure and purpose. You do not want to have any lost effort. That’s why you really give yourself time to do a lot of planning and preparation in any effort you take part in.