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There’s No Excuse For Cheating, And Here is Why

There’s No Excuse For Cheating, And Here is Why

1. If you’re in a very long-distance love and your partner lives or works faraway from you, don’t fool around claiming your sexual wants should be met no matter what as you search for another person within your reach. call your partner on phone despite the gap. release your sexual frustrations to your partner through the phone. Soon, you two are going to be physically together, your patience are going to be rewarded. True love waits for him/her to come back.

2. If your relationship/marriage goes through problems, cheating won’t solve them. Cheating only complicates things. Love isn’t for cowards who search for the easy way and escape route; except for the brave who make it work.

3. If your partner cheats on you, don’t revenge by cheating back. No tit for tat. No “two will play that game”. Don’t put down yourself and lower your values and principles simply because your partner did. end the love. Walk out along with your dignity intact.

4. If your ex cheated on you, don’t penalize your current partner by cheating. Don’t cheat as a result of you were once cheated on. bear in mind how hurt you felt when your ex cheated on you, don’t place your current partner through a similar hurt.

5. If the media tries to convince you that it’s alright to cheat as long as you use a condom; bear in mind condoms don’t protect your partner and kids from the pain and betrayal your infidelity will bring.

6. If you’re a flirty person, commit to someone you may be completely flirty with. Marry someone you may be naughty with so you won’t have time to be suggestive with others.

7. If the sex life in your marriage has become uninteresting, don’t look outside for excitement. spice up your marriage, bring back the fire. Your partner needs good sex too.

8. If deceptive voices are telling you to cheat as a result of everyone seems to be cheating these days; bear in mind not everyone is cheating, don’t ruin your love based on lies. Not everyone seems to be cheating. This world has many devoted couples who are happy in love. there’s no peace, honour, growth or blessing in unfaithfulness.

9. If your partner doesn’t touch you or sex you well, if your partner orgasms too quickly or takes too long, if your partner is boring in bed; bear in mind love is about learning one another. Teach your partner a way to make love to you, make your requests known; your partner might not even be knowing you’re suffering in silence.

10. If your sex life has been negatively affected as a result of you two constantly fight, don’t run into the arms of another. Fights occur as a result of you two don’t communicate well. Healthy communication brings a healthy sex life. you’ll think it’s alright to be with another to relieve the hurt of the constant fights at home, however it’ll hurt you even more once your love ends due to your unfaithfulness.

11. If your friends are always encouraging you to cheat, change your friends. Real friends keep you on the correct track and support you to keep your love together.

12. If your ego tells you it’s alright to cheat as a result of you’re currently rich, you’ll be able to afford a prostitute or pay money for lavish travels to finance your affair; bear in mind pride comes before a fall. Why are you selling your character so cheap? No amount of cash is value destroying your future and hurting the one who loves you and your family.


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