The Things Guys Think When Kissing

9. Was I good? Tell me I am the best! I hope I kissed her better than her high school boyfriend. Tell me if it was good, tell me you liked it? Guys are self-conscious.

10. Where should I put my hands? I feel like hands dictate what kind of kiss this is. If I put them on her ass, it’s really s*xual. If I grab her hips, it’s more casual. If I grab her head or hair, maybe it’s off-puttingly passionate? Where is a neutral spot to put my hands? Her knees? Maybe I’ll just never stop moving my hands like a gesticulating professor.

11. Do all girls like what I’m doing now? Maybe only that girl that I first kissed in middle school likes it, and I’ve been doing it ever since and maybe it’s really terrible and I look like an idiot but I’m so bad at kissing that no one has the heart to tell me.

12. Just like in the movies! Baby, you’re the queen, I am the king. Just like a fairy-tale with a happy ending. One of those famous movie scenes would definitely pop into your head once in a while when you’re kissing.

12. Who’s in charge?. Should I push the pace? Maybe now it’s the right time where I show her the magic of my tongue. Or should I just let her do all the stuff?

14. We’ve been making out for like 30 seconds already, does she want me to put my hand on her boob? Hand-on-boob is man’s biggest gamble.

15. The mind is completely blank. No thoughts, no care of surroundings and all focus on this moment. The best way of kissing is by enjoying it.

H/T:  Cosmopolitan  , Rvcj. 

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