There are a lot of thoughts running through the mind while kissing.

1. Can I touch her now? Enough with the kissing, I am super-charged now. Let’s go in the bedroom and start the action.

2. How do I handle the approach? Does she want to kiss me? I’ll start going in really slowly to see if she moves away. She hasn’t moved away yet, so that’s a good sign, but maybe I’m not close enough yet. I’m going to keep moving in until our lips are touching.

3. This angle is kind of awkward. I feel like if I try to move, though, she’ll suddenly change her mind about making out with me. This is worth the deep cramping in my neck.

4. Is there a time-out? I could keep doing it for hours. Well, all good things must come to an end. After a long sensational make-out session, it’s time to part away your lips, but exactly when? Is she going to stop or should I make the call?

5. How does my breath smell? I probably should’ve popped a mint in before I made the conscious decision to breathe down her throat.

6. Actually, I should be breathing, but that’s gross right? Ok, stop breathing. No, now I’m getting dizzy. I need to breathe. OK NOW I’M BREATHING TOO HARD AND IT’S CREEPY.

7. Am I getting laid tonight? I climbed the first step, is tonight the night? Is it just a fling, a gesture to show you’re interested, or something more? It happens mostly in the movies where you get laid after a passionate kiss.

8.  Should I go for tongue, or should I let her take the lead? I’m just going to go for it. OK, we are not on the same page here. Maybe she liked that I maneuvered my tongue in there?