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The Kinds Of Women You Should Avoid At All Costs

The  Kinds Of Women You Should Avoid At All Costs

Different men are going to have different types. That’s just a plain fact given that we all have different personalities and worldviews. We all want different things out of life and those differences manifest themselves in our diverse tastes for women. There is a vast abundance of women in the world who each carry with them their distinguishing factors. And while there is no true “ideal woman” that all men should generally be searching for, there are definitely some kind of women that all men should steer clear from.

These are the 10 kinds of women who need to grow and mature before they can really be ready for a relationship.

1. The woman who is a man-hater

She hates all men in the world just because this one guy was a douche to her back in high school. She now takes a general cynical view of the male species because of this one instance where an immature guy broke her heart.

2. The woman who only thinks about herself all the time.

It’s always never a good idea to date a person who is overly selfish. Remember that when you get into a relationship with someone, you should really be willing to make some compromises when you share your life with another person.

3. The shallow woman who only sees life in the terms of material items.

You are probably going to make your bank account bleed out just to make her happy; and sometimes, not even going broke for her is going to be enough. She is more interested in the material gifts that you can give her than she is about your love.  


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