There is a big difference between love and being in love, we all have a different process to identify it.

Some suffer more than others but, once we can identify it, we will be able to build a lasting relationship.

If you love someone, you do not need to spend every second of the day with them.

Being in love and wanting to be with your partner every second of the day: this is how the first months of relationship happen and that is when the problems begin .

There is a more special connection where you know you can count on him every minute of the day and he loves you without being physically present.

If you love someone, you will help them grow.

It is something very different when we are in love and we only care about living a world of pink love being with our partner.

But, once you love the person, you will begin to worry about their future and they will help each other to grow and move forward despite the problems that may arise along the way.

If it’s love, life will be easier.

When we are in love, there are times when we fight for a lot of nonsense, jealousy, insecurities, etc. But when we mature and truly love, the relationship becomes a source of happiness, not constant stress!

Love comes with routine included.

When the relationship reaches maturity, it is inevitable to fall into the routine of daily life. There will be times when you will not even want to go to the cinema because you feel comfortable sharing a moment at home and, because the monotony is not ideal, you can always get out of the box whenever you want.

A stable relationship makes us leave behind our adventures to build a life with our loved one.

When we are in love, we do not see the bad.

It is the euphoria of the moment: have your partner by your side and be very very happy.

We are with a big bandage in our eyes thinking that happiness will be forever and the truth is that we only see the good of the other people. When the infatuation passes, you will begin to really know the person.

Everything is easy when we are in love.

To think that the journey will be easy while we are in love is typical.

The hormone cloud tells us that everything will be fine, but when we love we know very well that difficult times will always come but they can be overcome as a couple.

We believe that the person you are with is the one indicated.

When we start having relationships, it happens a lot that we think that each man who passes is the one indicated. The truth is that very few people succeed in the first and very few people are willing to face the challenges that come with a relationship.

The white wedding, the children, the dog and the house are never what they seem.

Even when we have grown up with a family with both parents, we will never be able to see the whole picture until we experience it.

False expectations vs. Reality.

We love fantasy! And it is not entirely our fault because we have grown up in a society that painted us beautiful dreams around relationships. In no movie do you show how hard it can be.

When we are in love, we look for fantasy in the man we are with and dream of a promising future when the reality is that we have to know each other and accept that the other person comes with a little package called life, family education, religion, beliefs, tricks …

And so many other things more different from your little package. They will have to know each other well in order to integrate both packages until they become 1 with which they can get along.