In matters of love, there is always light, darkness and melancholy is an important part. You have to learn that in life there is never a good thing without the bad. So broken hearts are an inevitable part of the infatuation process. There are ways and actions that we can take to better choose our partner and avoid perpetual suffering. Do you want to know what are the best ways to avoid a broken heart?

1. Fall in love with someone you trust.

Here also enters the saying “Do your instinct case.” sometimes the boy in question drives us crazy but at the same time he makes us suffer with his actions or the lack of them.

If after knowing him you feel that he is not someone reliable in whom you can deposit your feelings, better change the prospect.

Women, innocently, come to think that our love is going to change this boy for the better. Nothing more false than this!

People do not change. There are people who conform to us like puzzle pieces, but if you have to force them, they may not really fit. And this is when the heart breaks as there were unreal expectations or there was not something to really hold on to continue the relationship.

Trust is paramount in the relationship. If the boy in question has a reputation for: womanizer, abusive, irresponsible, vicious, etc. Forget this! You will only be buying problems. Is it someone you would call if you have a problem? If the answer is no, next!

2. Keep the relationship fun and relaxed.

Of course, if you have to talk about something important you must take it with the necessary seriousness, always trying to reach a mutual agreement. Interpersonal relationships are also made up of learning to give in, always feeling comfortable with decisions, of course.

Men see relationships as the area where they can relax, if it starts to tense others may lose interest. Ouch!  Intensity can be beautiful when it reflects positive feelings. But if you spend all day crying and in the drama, definitely predicts a broken heart.

3. Keep the communication channel open and always be willing to listen.

Once you trust the person and you know that your little heart is safe, move on to the next phase: communication.

You can not have a healthy relationship if the communication is null, truncated, if things are hidden or worse: if you tell lies! It is also not good if one of the parties always expresses himself and the other is silent.

Many resentments will remain! So when a problem arises, it will always be best to talk about it and try to be as honest as possible. Even with the bad news.

4. Keep the romance alive without fear of rejection.

The fear of rejection is a consequence of insecurity. Either it’s own or because the other person does not make us feel safe. If this barrier has already been unlocked, then you have the door open to be more romantic and detailed! Men also fall in love with that!

Sometimes we women plant ourselves in our tantrum and think that the responsibility to do everything rests with our partner when it is a job of both.

H/T: Yoamoloszapatos