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The 5 Thing Men Find Irresistible in a Woman

The 5 Thing Men Find Irresistible in a Woman

You want a man that loves everything about you, Some men like to say that all women are interested in are Six pack and money. But have you ever wondered what Most men really think of women? But if you don’t know, now you know that personality traits is what attract men most to woman.

Men love women who love to smile and having a beautiful smile is key.

Women love to smile and honestly, it is probably one of our best features.

You can capture someone’s attention simply by smiling, they say that first impressions matter most so if you attract him with your smile you have already got him

Always smiling means you have a positive outlook on life–when a man is looking for a partner he wants someone that adds to his life, by smiling you keep the happiness alive.

A man loves a woman who is incredibly sexy educated, Have sense of humor, thoughtful, and can hold her own in any type of conversation

Now it doesn’t necessarily mean you need to be “bookworm” but men become more attracted to a woman who is street smart, has wisdom, someone who has a sense of humor and above all emotionally intelligent.

A man loves a woman that can teach him a thing or two, that isn’t afraid to speak her mind and not only teach him things but even learn from him.

A man loves a woman who is a great listener if you can listen and hold your own in a conversation–a man would find it hard to resist.

Having a woman that is down to earth is something lots of men want in a partner.

Someone who is capable of going with the flow in any situation is definitely something they find irresistible. But what men also look for in a partner is a woman that is capable of savoring the little things in life.

A man who knows what is truly important in life such as family, friends, love, and connection.

Men want a woman that is honest but practical, she knows how to have fun whether it is going on a crazy adventure or staying in and cooking dinner and watching a movie.

A woman who is down to earth has no interest in putting forth her energy in chasing materialistic things and status, she doesn’t care too much about materialistic things.  That is exactly the type of woman a man finds irresistible and overall wants to settle down with.


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