The first step in getting rid of your belly fat is figuring out which of these four types you have. Once you’ve done that, you figure out how to get rid of it. . Losing fats from tummy is one common goal of many girls and women across the globe. Nutrition is very important for losing belly fat and even reducing the fat around other parts of the body such as thighs, buttocks. You should also bear in mind that physical activity is the key to your flat stomach.

If you want to lose your  belly fat make sure not to drink alcohol and carbonated drinks

Scroll over to find different types of belly fats that women usually get and how to get rid of it:

Mommy Belly

After you become mother, you are bound to have fats around your tummy. To bring your body back in shape you can massage your tummy gently with oil. Additionally consult your gynecologist on what type of diet and exercises you can follow to reduce fats from your tummy.

 Alcohol Belly

Alcohol adds empty calories to your body, which means it simply adds up extra calories in your body without providing any nutrition. Alcoholic beverages prevent your body from digesting food properly. To fight this you will need to refrain from alcohol consumption and consume fibre rich foods. You will need to include lots of fresh fruits and vegetables in your diet to melt excess fats.

 Stressed Out Belly

Due to lack of sleep and stress of our everyday life, our body gets fatigued and your tummy tends to gain weight. To combat this try to get 7 to 8 hours of sleep. Additionally you must avoid eating junk foods and coffee. Instead choose healthy food options like salads or nuts to munch on when you feel hungry.

Swollen Tummy

If your belly fat depends on your everyday meals, understand that it’s because of your overeating or indigestion. In fact, this can also be the problem of people who are otherwise in shape. To get rid of this, you gotta pay attention to your eating habits. Irregular timings or eating late at night can land you with a swollen belly. before starting any diet and exercise regimen consult your doctor.

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