The 11 Things Men Secretly Adore About The Women They Love


The following are some of the attributes that men adore in the women they are in love with.

Sense of Humor

Men love it when they can exploit your sense of humor. He loves it when he makes you smile even if he is cracking dumb jokes.


Physical Contact

Men love being physical with women. Men enjoy physical acts of affection more than sex. This includes little things like when a girl sneaks in random kisses on the cheek, random hugs, places their hand on their man’s knee or their arm around their man.

 Secret Glances

Men love attention and like it when you sneak a glance at them. It proves to a man that they are attractive and that you long for them. He likes catching you eye balling him.

Funny Gestures

Relationship counseling will reveal that a man loves it when you do certain funny gestures like crinkling your nose when laughing and playing with their hair when you are nervous. These are the attributes that distinguish you from all the other women he has ever met.