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Stop Doing These 10 Things

Stop Doing These 10 Things

1. Stop putting up with being the person who is just an ‘okay’ friend to others.

If a friend is in a bad place in their life where they just can’t seem to find a reason to smile, then show up to their place with some ice cream and don’t leave them alone to their thoughts until you feel like they’re ready.

If your friend is doing something you don’t approve of, try to understand their reasons behind it without immediately judging them or writing them off.

If your friend has done something wrong to you, give them a chance to explain and if they actually apologize, forgive them.

Just remember that most of the awful things a friend has done to you, you probably did them to someone else once.

2. Stop  just having 4 hours of sleep every night.

Have you ever noticed how irritable you get after you’ve been sleep-deprived for too long?

No matter how busy you are, take out at least 8 hours of sleep in a day.

You can watch that season tomorrow. You can scroll through your news-feed in the morning.

And you can chat with your friends when you’ve gotten some rest.

3. Stop thinking that fear is something that should be avoided at all times.

In some situations, fear is actually our heart’s way of letting us know about the things we truly want in life, but are scared of pursuing because of how people will perceive them or how we might end up failing.

If your heart begins to pound the minute you think about signing up for those dance lessons or applying for that new job or even making amends with that long-lost friend, then it’s time to truly listen.

Start embracing your fears. I guarantee you won’t regret it.

4. Stop putting up with people who have clearly been taking you for granted.

People who can’t even meet you half-way, and people who keep expecting you to constantly be there for them but will not even message to ask if you’re okay in your time of need.

5. Stop putting up with a life where you always have to hide your true mental state.

Whether it’s some form of depression, anxiety, OCD or anything in the world.

Stop making yourself believe that you’re a burden on this world.

Stop telling yourself that the things you’re feeling are something you should be ashamed of.

And stop assuming that no one and nothing can help you get out of this.

6. Stop putting up with a job that constantly makes you want to kill yourself.

only because you feel convinced that this is the only one you’re capable of getting.

7. Stop putting up with a body that keeps making you feel like there’s something wrong.

If you think you’re being unhealthy, start putting in efforts to change that.

Take out some time to exercise every day.

Start eating less outside and incorporate healthy food such as fruits and vegetables into your diet. Keep reminding yourself that sometimes, one drink is enough for you.

Take the stairs instead of waiting a long time for the lift to come.

And walk as much as you can instead of lying in your bed all day.

8. Stop putting up with always maintaining a negative attitude about things in your life that aren’t actually that bad or negative.

If your professor didn’t give you the marks you were hoping for in a paper you worked hard on, go and talk to him about how you can do things differently next time.

If someone at office was rude to you, understand that they might be going through a rough day and then just forget about it.

If it’s extremely hot outside, remind yourself about how lucky you are to be sitting in an air-conditioned room with a roof above your head.

If the traffic is really terrible, appreciate how this is one of the uncommon times when you really have nothing else to do but think freely about yourself and your life.

9. Stop putting up with people who don’t accept you exactly the way you are.

Who always give comments or act in ways that reflect how badly they want you to change your personality, and who make you feel like you just can’t ever be good enough for them.

10. Stop putting up with excess.

I’m not implying here that you should start feeling guilty about the spa day you treated yourself to after a month of constant tensions or even about buying those amazing shoes you had your eyes on for quite a long time.

But maybe it’s time to stop buying clothes that you won’t even wear more than once, to reconsider your decision of getting that expensive phone upgrade you don’t really need, and to make sure you don’t keep buying excess food that you will have to throw away later and feel bad about.

Try out a new and simpler lifestyle this year and observe if it has a positive effect on your personality and general outlook in life.

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