Somethings A Lady Shouldn’t Do In The Presence Of A Man


Here with the help of our friends we are going to dissect some few immediate turn offs men see in some ladies.

Farting In Our Presence

Men hate this to the core, they may pretend not to but they really hate when you do it in their presence. If you doubt me, go and ask a man whom you don’t know to tell you what he thinks of a lady who fart or always fart in front of him.

 Eating too much

Whenever you Ladies are in our Presence please try to control your eating habits. Not that we’re too broke to buy you Food but eating without Class just because your indoors is disgusting to say the least!

Washing of your undies (panties)

Please try to reduce the amount of times you wash your undies in our presence. Forget that popular slang which tends to say that when a man loves you, he can even wash your undies, we’re not that cool with seeing someone else’s undies!

Talking too dirty

Please, have control of things you say in our presence. Don’t be too naughty when it comes to your language except you want to remain a GIRLFRIEND FOR LIFE!!!!!

 Laughing excessively

Control the length you laugh in front of us. When we’re not around, you can laugh and bring down the roof if you wish. I was talking to a lady and she laughed so loud that she didn’t know when she polluted.

Always watching movies

If your a Nollywood addict please, for the sake of not receiving any RED CARD, stop giving all your time to once your man is around. We need total concentration when we are talking to you


Never you fight in front of your man, he may feel that one day you will fight his mother.

 i Too Know attitude

Its very annoying when you always act like you know everything. When we argue about sports,romance,friends etc its cool for you to let us win sometimes as it would do you no harm than try to make sure you POV is the most correct even when its not.