How do you keep him interested in you? Below are some tips.

1. Don’t make him feel insecure

Of course you can talk with other men, but when you are overly flirtatious with other men, that could make him feel insecure about you. Who want a woman in their life who they feel show too much interest in other men.

2. Win over his family 

If his family love you then that is part of the battle won.

3. Take initiatives in bed

From time to time a woman who takes control in bed men find irresistible

4. Smell great all the time

Use perfume and be meticulous about hygiene. Men love women smelling great.

5. Make his friends realise you are awesome

Men like to think they have the best girlfriend. Chances are if his friends think you are great he will be even more vowled over.

6. Learn to seduce him

When you seduce him unexpectedly he will love it.

7. Show interest in his hobbies

Guys like girls who show interest in their hobbies or passions. Wouldn’t you prefer to be with a man who is interested in what you like? the same goes for him.

8. Don’t be a drama queen

“Don’t be a drama queen.”

9. Be his shoulder to lean on

When he needs it let him confide in you and be a soft place for him to fall.

10. Be his arm candy

Look good when you guys are together. Chances are he will want to show you off even more.

11. Be financially secure

Have a stable job and be good with your finances. Men do not want a woman who is like a bottomless money pit and who just spends and spend.

12. Have intelligent conversations

Have intelligent conversations with him. Show you have a brain.

13. Be a good cook

No matter what people say, a man’s heart is through his stomach.

14. Stroke his ego

Keep him happy by letting him know when he has done well or when you are proud of something he did. He will appreciate you even the more for it.

15. Respect yourself

No matter how much you have fallen for him, do not be a pushover. Have your own opinions and do not change your personality and start being submissive to suit him.