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Signs Your Man Will Make A Wonderful Father

Signs Your Man Will Make A Wonderful Father

Your partner says that he is up to having kids and wants them a lot? You’re lucky, but does he really mean it?

We’ll show you the way to see if he definitely would make a good father:

1. He is caring and attentive

If your man ever gave you loads of attention and love when you undoubtedly needed it, he is the one. Kids crave attention every minute, according to Jane Greer, Ph.D, who wrote What About Me? Stop Selfishness From Ruining Your Relationship. A great parent has to be aware of children’s needs and moods here and there, even if they don’t totally get into your schedule. That’s wonderful if he has the feeling.

2. Emotions don’t scare him

Expressing emotions, especially love and affection, freely is a rarity among males. He isn’t afraid of holding your hand of soft kissing in public? Shows love to his doggy or kitty? Rare and golden ability for future father – he will be able to build strong emotional connection with the kid.

3. Stress? We’ll take it over!

Something wicked this way comes… but your man can easily deal with it! That’s a great sign for parenting, if he is still in his senses after all the stress. Kids can be stress to the backbone, and this pressure has to be managed somehow.


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