Signs Your Man Has Started To Fall In Love With You.


here’s how to tell if a guy likes you — like, really likes you.

1. He’s not happy unless you’re happy.

When a guy really loves you, he wants to see you happy. If he hears you ask him to do something or has even the slightest inkling that you’re unhappy, he’ll work his hardest to fix it. If he doesn’t seem to care about your happiness, then it’s more likely that he’s in love with what you provide for him instead of you.


2. He won’t shut up about you to his friends.

You know how you tend to gush to your female friends over the guy you’re seeing when you’re really into them? Guys talk, too. If he’s really going crazy over you, your dude won’t shut up about you.

3. When you’re dating, he makes a point of trying to lock it down.

I strongly believe that a man who’s madly in love with a girl will not hesitate to commit to her. If he’s hemming and hawing about committing to you, his claims of being in love with you probably aren’t legit.

A guy who falls hard for a girl will not hesitate to commit to exclusivity within a couple of months, nor will he want to wait for more than 2 years to walk down the aisle with her. After all, if he really loved you, wouldn’t he want to lock it down?

4. He only has eyes for you.

He doesn’t notice when other girls flirt with him. He doesn’t peruse Instagram for sexy girls to “Like.” All he can think about is you — and that’s what love is supposed to be.


5. He shows you off to other people.

A person who thinks you’re the best thing since sliced pie will never make it seem like you’re a dirty little secret. He’ll introduce you to everyone and make a point of showing you off.

6. He says he loves you.

Yes, some guys will say it as a way to butter girls up and use them, but there is still some clout to this phrase. If you notice it in conjunction with other moves on this list, he probably really does love you.

7. You catch him giving you that look of adoration.

Does he look at you in that misty-eyed, loving, and blissfully happy way that only a man in love will do? If so, that’s usually a dead giveaway that he might have fallen for you harder than words can often express.

8. He notices things about you most others ignore.

This is a simple way to tell if a guy likes you. He notices that weird quirkinvolving your itchy back. He notices that you cry during movies. Rather than tell you it’s gross, he makes you feel great about everything, even your flaws.

9. He gives you tons of presents and makes a point of treating you superbly.

Guys who are really, truly, deeply in love with their partners go the extra mile to make sure that they make their girls smile. They will shower you with gifts and do things just because they like you — no strings attached. If he’s doing this, chances are that he’s got strong feelings.

10. He makes a point to keep you in the loop.

When something big happens to you, the first person you want to tell is usually a loved one. Need I say more?

11. You notice he’s super-gentle with you.

Don’t ask me why, but when a guy really falls hard for a girl, he’ll act like she’s made of china. His embraces will be tight but gentle. He’ll hold your hand firmly but delicately. Simply put, you’ll know when you see it.

12. He’s totally down with spending the majority of his time with you.

If he’s really crazy in love with you, he’s not going to ghost or breadcrumb. Instead of just having you be a very small part of his life, he will make spending time with you a priority.

When you’re in love, you want to be around that person. So if he’s got major feelings, wouldn’t it make sense for him to go out of his way to spend time around you?


H/T:  YourTango Ossiana Tepfenhart