If you have a strong woman in your life or you are one, you should appreciate them/ yourself more.

Here are some of the signs that you or someone you know has a strong personality that intimidates others:


1. A female leader is very confident
Strong women are very confident. They don’t pretend to be someone else as they have a defined sense of identity that is in tune with their beliefs and morals.

2. Strong women stand up for themselves and others
Strong women are frank when it comes to confronting people about being treated badly. They are willing to stand up for others as well, in case they witness an injustice.

3. They are very accepting
Strong women are pragmatic, so their expectations of both themselves and others are realistic. They understand that accepting situations and people as they are is the key to being able to move on.

4. Strong women like being single
A strong woman knows that the key to happiness doesn’t lie in having a partner, so she is not willing to compromise her happiness only to be dating someone. She is okay with being single.

5. They have a tight circle of close friends
Strong women have a very small group of close friends, only the ones they truly love and appreciate. This is because they are great at cutting out toxic and negative people of their lives.

6. Strong women are good planners
Strong women are great at getting things done! They are goal-oriented, ambitious, and extremely organized, which makes them great planners.

7. They are annoyed by poor planning
Given that strong women themselves are great planners, it is no wonder they are disappointed and even annoyed by poor planning. They cannot stand doing things at the last minute!

8. They probably have enough friends in their circle
A strong woman has made enough friendships and doesn’t feel the need to add to the list. She feels more than happy with the social life and support system she already has.

9. Insecure men are afraid of strong women
Insecure men are intimidated by strong women as their assertiveness and confidence make them feel threatened.

10. They are great managers
Thanks to their leading role at home, a strong woman is used to multitasking. This quality makes her a great manager or supervisor due to her ability to see the big picture.

11. Strong woman comes from another strong woman
Girls in the family shape themselves by picking up traits from their mothers. If the mother possessed strong traits like assertiveness and confidence, the daughter will grow into a strong woman too.

12. They admire other strong women
Strong women look up to other strong women as role models.

13. They like making the first move
Strong women have no problem with making the first move if they find the right man.

14. Strong women are feminists
Strong women consider themselves equals! They are natural-born feminists.

15. They celebrate the strength of other women
Strong women are supportive and encouraging, so they are all about celebrating the strength of other women.


H/T: SeizePositivity Healthy Holistic Living ThoughtCatalog