Signs They’re Going To Dump You


Here are a 7 signs that your partner is thinking about dumping you.


1. He would prefer to be alone than be with you.

He doesn’t like spending time with you anymore. It’s as simple as that. Whenever that happens, he starts questioning the point of staying in a relationship with you. The end is near and both of you know it.

2. He has a sudden shift of character.

He is no longer acting like the sweet, caring, and romantic person that he once used to be. These days, he seems a little more distant and cold to you. It’s as if he’s angry with you and he’s just choosing to live alongside you rather than actually with you.

3. People start noticing that you are having your relationship woes.

One of the best ways to tell that something is legitimately wrong in your relationship is when other people tell you about it. Sometimes, a lot of us need some healthy perspective from the outside in order for us to really know the status of our lives. Often, our biases and emotions can blind us from the real truth.

4. You’ve fallen into the boring relationship category.

When you fall into a rut as a couple, you can suspect that this isn’t the most sustainable means of carrying out a love affair. Someone is bound to get dumped eventually and you can’t expect things to go any other way unless you actually shake things up.