Signs That Your Ex Still Wants You After the Breakup


Do you have an ex in whom you’re still interested, but you’re unsure if he’s still interested? Do they still want you?

Here is a list of multiple indications through which you can tell if your ex still has the spot for you.

If your ex is using all kinds of excuses in order to see you or even to be around you for just a few minutes then that means that your ex is still into you. These excuses can be something like returning your pants or returning your earring that you left at his place.

You will get a lot of drunk texts from your ex. Now you can’t be sure whether they are fake drunk texts or real drunk texts but either way this indicates that your ex wants you back and still has hots for you.

If your ex admits that he misses you, this is one of the strongest indications that he wants you back. This may seem like common sense but if this is coupled with a few other indications that we have mentioned then that means your ex is not just fooling around but he actually wants you back.

If he tells you that his family or other people in his life are missing you then this again is an indication that he wants you back and he is still not over you.