8 Signs of negative energy in your life

8 Signs of negative energy in your life (and how to eliminate it)

People with high positive energy consistently achieve what they want. Even if some things don’t happen as they wished to, they continue to enjoy life, while negative people lament and complain about their tragedy and even the good things in their lives.

The subject of controlling emotions and inner energy captivates my interest, from which I have learned a lot, and that is why I want to share it with you. Today I want to explain to you signs of negative energy in your life and how to eliminate it.

Positive people are attracted to positive energy, and negative people are attracted to negative energy. A circle is forming because the more positive you are, the more pleasant experiences and moments of pleasure you will bring to your life. The opposite is also true; the more negative you are, the more difficult situations you will get into your life.

Many times the negative is so deep within you that you don’t realize it and know why? Sometimes, it has a disguise that we call “the reality of life,” and it is easy to convince oneself that we are only “being realistic” and that positive people are naive who have a blindfold! Who take difficulties lightly and so I could continue !! But are they happy fools? Rather, it is something that has to do with your positive attitude.

So, if the negative is so deep inside you that you don’t realize it, how could you determine if you’re inside a black cloud that doesn’t let you move forward in your life? a cloud that attracts the wrong people, that attracts trouble and bad feelings.

Here are the 8 signs of negative energy in your life

  1. You worry and worry too much, even about things that are going well for you.
  2. You complain a lot.
  3. You are so excited about dramas and catastrophes, and you are interested in celebrities’ lives with problems.
  4. You make careless choices.
  5. You think you have no control over the results you get in your life.
  6. You talk more about the things that are going wrong in the world than what is going right.
  7. You feel like a dupe/loser. You feel that life has been very unfair to you.
  8. You are ungrateful.

How to eliminate negative energy

  • Take charge of your life: as long as you think every negative thing in your life is your fault, you will still be hurt! When you realize that everything is not your fault, that is when you can walk towards happiness.
  • Replace your negative thoughts with positive ones. I know this is the most difficult. It requires practice. Just decide to see the good in you and see the world with new eyes. When you feel that you speak negatively, immediately change your speech. To achieve this, take a journal and thank each night for something good that happened to you during the day.
  • To bring more light and love to your life, imagine the positive, forget your past, and act repetitively. Let the intuition of your soul act instead of the reality from today. Create that new life desired by your imagination and show yourself.
  • Be grateful. If you are grateful for whatever, even for the great lessons that life gives you, then you just have to invite more positive things into your life.