Signs He’s Not The One


Here are ten signs that indicate he’s definitely not for you. If you’re dating someone and you’re wondering whether or not it is worth investing your time, energy and emotion, take notice of any signs he’s not the one. If the guy you are dating is showing any signs he’s not the one, it’s best to pack it up and move on.

1. You feel judged

One of the biggest signs he’s not the one is that you feel like you are being judged.
If you feel like you can’t be yourself or if you feel like he’s judging you when you are being yourself, it’s a safe bet that he’s not the one. The right guy won’t ever judge you.

2. No emotion

Well, this one is pretty obvious. If he isn’t showing any emotion, or any real emotion, after dating for several weeks – or even months – chances are pretty good that he isn’t the one. if the guy you are dating is actually into you, he will certainly have some sort of emotion.
He may not say “I love you” right away, but he will surely let you know he has strong feelings for you with some sort of emotion.

3. You’re not priority

If he is always going out without checking in with you, or if he constantly makes plans with you and then breaks them to do something else, you are not his priority. If you aren’t his priority, it’s a safe bet that he isn’t the one.