Getting over your ex is never so easy, especially if you have been in an adoring relationship for years.

If your boyfriend is still into his ex, chances are he may want to get over her again. If even you try to heal his broken heart to make him feel good, would he ever love you when all he does is, “dream of her”?

Here are the 10 signs to know if your boyfriend is still over his ex or not:

1. He Speaks about Her 24-7

If your boyfriend constantly talks high about her or bitches her, he is still into her. Because if your guy has moved on, what’s the need of thinking or talking about her continuously? Think over it dear!

2. Browser Talks

Unless your boyfriend is really generous, he will surely leave a few signs on his phone or computer. If his browser history shows that he has been looking at his ex’s twitter or timeline, he has unquestionably not forgotten her.

3. He Looks Nervous

While walking down the lane, with hand-in-hand with your boyfriend, if you accidentally meet his ex, check his behaviour. Does he become nervous or mumble like a child? If his heart pounds faster and he stars to sweat, she is very much in him, behind your back.

4. He Is in Touch with Her

Exes can never turn into friends (unless they turn sexless after their breakup)! There is no valid reason to be friends with an ex, unless your urge to long remains disappointed. Am I right?

5. He Gets Annoyed because of Her PDA’S

Why does he get annoyed if his ex is dating some other guy? After all, as he is dating you, he should be happy! What’s the need of over-reacting and getting jealous if you are seriously involved with your girlfriend? He shouldn’t be bothered at all!