Here Are Seven Things You Thought You Knew About Women.


Apart from the obvious stuff we know like how fragile, chatty, complicated, glorious, beautiful and reliable a woman is, men are bound to think that they know everything about women.

Here are seven things you thought you knew about women.


When you tell your woman about a business lunch or dinner you had with your female business partner, it’s a wise move to tell her that she’s plump, ugly or something else to curb any quire thoughts from your woman.

Secretly insecure

A woman has specific parts of her body (only noticeable by her) that she hates and gets disappointed every time she looks in the mirror.


As much as a woman would hate to admit it, women love to shop. By shopping I mean endless shopping. This is where she feels like she is actually in control.


A woman is as unpredictable as a baby. Sometimes you may think you know exactly how she will react to a situation but she ends up proving you wrong.

Sometimes when a woman asks you about another female who may be a co-worker, a classmate or just someone in your life, she is asking because she knows the truth and she is just checking to see if you’re lying.

Sometimes a woman will ask questions that have no right answer with an aim of trapping you into feelings of guilt.


Women never have anything to wear either to work to a date or anywhere. Don’t question the huge bundles of clothes she has in her closet. You just might never understand.

Cry babies

Women always need to cry if it’s something that has gone wrong or even right. There are two types of ‘cry baby’ women. One is the woman who cries alone and away from people to avoid drawing attention to her. The second type of cry baby is the woman who doesn’t do it alone unless you can hear her.


Most women cannot keep secrets. Sometimes it seems like keeping secrets eats them away from the inside so they have to tell only one, two or three people. They do not view it as snitching or being untrustworthy as long as they haven’t told everyone and especially the parties involved.