Marriage brings with it substantial change in peoples’ lives. It can sometimes get a little overwhelming but it helps to know that you’re not the only one who has to struggle through life’s drastic changes.

It also helps to know what to expect when the married life comes knocking at your door.

Here are 7 things that change when you marry your boyfriend:

1. You feel responsible for each other: Not only are you taking on a whole new batch of responsibilities for yourself, you are also inheriting the responsibilities of your life partner. You essentially share everything now as a married couple. You will share each other’s successes and failures.

2. You approach couple fights differently: You understand that life is too short to be spent fighting. Now that you’re married, you’ve legitimized yourselves as a team, and you start to understand the value of having a team mate for life. You start to let the little things go, and you let go of anger more easily than before.

3. You are constantly making adjustments to your life goals to make room for the family you’re building: It’s no longer just about you anymore. Your hopes and dreams have to be tailored around the family that you’re building with your husband. If you want to have kids, make sure that they have a place in the future that you’re envisioning for yourself.

4. You get kicked out of the singles only club: Bye-bye single life, and hello married life. Your single girlfriends probably won’t be inviting you to fun nights out on the town as much anymore. You don’t get to go guy-spotting at the club or at the gym with your besties. That’s fine. You’ll miss it occasionally but not too much.

5. You sometimes forget to introduce him as your husband instead of your boyfriend: This happens all too often for young married couples who have just started out. Don’t worry if it happens to you too.

6. Your sex life gets better: You can practically do it at any time of the day now. You are each other’s home and no one can ever judge you for your sexual escapades ever again. You have increased levels of intimacies, and early on in a marriage, the urge for lustful pleasures are just too overwhelming

7. You get a permanent roommate: It’s not like in college where you’re grouped with a stranger in your dormitory, and you’re forced to stick it out together for 4 years and then move on with each other’s lives. This time, you’re actually making a conscious decision to choose your roommate, and your choice should last you the rest of your life.

8. You automatically feel a little more mature: This is it. If there’s any social institution that seals your status as an adult, it’s probably marriage. You’ve made the conscious decision to start a family of your own and that’s one of the biggest responsibilities anyone could ever take.

9. People will treat you differently: People will also start treating you in a more mature manner as well. You’re no longer the free-spirited bachelorette you once were. Whether or not that’s a good thing is all up to your own mindset.

H/T:  RelRules.