4 Reasons Why Having A Relationship With A Girl Who Cares Too Much Will Be The Best


A girl who loves too much is really someone who shouldn’t be taken for granted. We all need someone who loves us beyond measure and when we find some like that, what do we do? We take advantage of them and don’t reciprocate her love. This is a grave mistake on our end.

Here are the reasons why these girls will make your relationship the best you’ve ever had in a lifetime nonetheless. You should hold on to them firmly.

1. She will show you what true love really means

Nowadays, people aren’t able to differentiate between true love and infatuations. It’s hard to distinguish one from the other. A girl who cares about all your needs and feelings will show you what love really feels like.

She will not leave you stranded at times when the relationship gets boring or there is a dry patch. Her care will constantly remind you that no matter what the circumstances, there is someone in this world who is willing to sacrifice her needs for your happiness.

We all have different definitions of love. It’s an ever changing and evolving concept. It differs from person to person. Some people fall in love with the smile and some people fall in love with everything a person possesses. However, when someone touches your naked soul, caresses it and looks after it, you will never feel more aroused in your life.

It comes naturally to her, to reach out to someone’s soul and turn his whole world upside down. Sure, she’s not a conjurer of magic and this is no witchcraft or wizardry. It’s really simple actually. Her attitude and personality is so affable that it’s hard to resist for most people. And yet, there are people in this world who completely condone such a person and they go soul searching on one night stands.

She knows what true love really means. She knows it’s not going to be easy and she knows she always can’t have her expectations fulfilled. Humans are fickle beings; their capricious nature tends to surprise me. One moment, they are all happy and the next minute they are depressed. All these hormonal changes are part of a person’s life. She is aware of these facts and she will be ready to tackle such situations. Sometimes, she will need your help but most of the times; she will act like she is sufficient for the both of you. From the inside, she might be broken and hurt, but she will try to conceal it so that it doesn’t affect you. However, if you really love her, you will understand what she is going through and you need to take care of her.

It’s not like she has a duty for showing you what love is all about. Love is beautiful and depressing and hard and exciting and it’s many things but it involves two people and not one, so keep that in mind. Do not let her go through the pain of unrequited love.

˜’Please, do not make yourself her greatest sin.”

2. She will be full of emotion

She’s not scared to show her emotions and care for you. She will fight with you and she will be crazy about you. She will also fight for you when necessary. She doesn’t care about the outcome if she gets too vulnerable. Maybe some part of her does but at the end of the day, she can’t help herself.

She will open up to you and share everything there is to share with you. She will open your heart to a new wave of emotion too. You will try to shower the same amount of love and there will be a competition between you two. This will only strengthen the relationship.

What I really mean is that when a girl is full of emotion, she lets it all out in front of the one she truly loves, she will let you know that her love is what you needed all your life and will somehow lessen the other type of love you’d felt before her. It’s not just emotion, it’s a pact of the mind, body and soul and she will lay it all out, she will make you show your emotions, and why you are important in her life.

She will never leave. It’s something so nurturing and compelling about girls that once you get to know those feelings, and emotions, you won’t really want to leave. It will feel right and I can assure you that it will be. You need to open up too, and not follow the stereotype that masculinity should be too hide emotions, but in a relationship of any kind, especially of this kind, all that matters is that you both are in it together.

That you’re equals in every sense of the word, a little thing like repressing your feelings could tantamount to a breakup. It happens all the time, everywhere in the world. So don’t lose that girl for something as simple as opening up and letting her know that what she feels is exactly what you feel. That there’s nothing wrong with that, and maybe even tell her your fears because she’ll lessen the hurt and help you to feel much better.

In a world where boys leave and girls leave, it’s not about trust, it’s about the factor of love and emotion that was not reciprocated in a way to show that you love them, too.

Do your best to keep that girl because she’ll do her best to show you her feelings and be the girl you’ve always wanted. It’s just a simple matter of communication. And emotions, feelings, all that are simply carried about by communication. Yes, they say that body language is better than verbally telling someone something, but please understand that girls do want to hear what’s in your mind, if you don’t say something they might do the same. If you love her, tell her and show her, because if a girl is full of emotion, she will do the same. And keep it going, don’t let it stagnate.

If she’s bursting with love, let yourself be the same, don’t hide it because girls can understand a lot by the little things.

3. She will bring positive Vibes to your life

She’s a person who cares about the world and everyone in it. She has genuine care for everyone who resides in this world and people she comes across. Now, if you are the person she loves, then that care will multiply tenfold.

She will look after you like you’re a precious gift to her but in reality; she is a rare and unique gift to this world herself. She will build a relationship that has durability and it can endure hard times. She will show you love at times when you think you don’t deserve any. Her power to instill positive vibes in your life will make you happier than ever.

Some people tend to take love for granted. Love also has a habit of passing by these people without even giving a stare. A girl begs for your love and what do you do? Just push her aside and make her feel desperate and unworthy of your love? No human deserves such a behavior. Cruelty never helped achieve anything. A girl who helps other people and brings a smile to their face is someone to be treasured instead of being pushed aside into a well of sorrow. I know how things are in this world. Girls who are overly attached with someone, they always almost get something they do not deserve, but will that stop them from being the person who they are? Absolutely not!

She will not give you the gift of hating you. She will follow a path that will be exemplary. Sure, she’ll stumble and fall down at times, but there’s perpetual supply of hope in her. She will always be ready to love someone who seeks out to her and someday she will get that person who really wants her with all her heart. Only then, will you understand that your mistakes cost you a lifetime of happiness.

4. Loyalty

Such kind of girls are loyal to the highest degree. They are really selfless. Even though they are depressed and the relationship is starting to go downhill, they will never think of cheating on  you.

They will never indulge in any sort of physical or emotional infidelity. They will try to work things out as much as they can. They know the sort of menace cheating in a relationship can bring. They will always put your feelings and emotions above theirs.

Sometimes, in a relationship, we get attracted to other people, it’s pretty normal. Some people however, do stuff that is strongly prohibited in a relationship. You can’t just cheat on someone and then expect forgiveness from your girl. Even though, the girl who cares too much has a lot of mercy stored in her heart, but sometimes you go away too far in your actions that even a person like that can become a cold stone bitch.

Is that her fault? No, you brought this on yourself and you just tried to change her into a person who doesn’t even come close to her former self. You tried to corrupt her thought process. You should respect the boundaries of a relationship and there are legal ways to do things if you really want to end a relationship. Your girl surely knows that. She holds loyalty in the highest of regards and expects the same from you. To keep a girl like that in your life, you need to learn from her and grow; otherwise, you’re just wasting time.В *Continue reading to next page*

5. She’s a remedy for your battle scars

Everyone has a tainted past. We have scars which are so firmly inscribed in our hearts that it is not easy to get rid of them. The amount of love needed to heal these scars should be enormous.

A girl who cares too much will know how to provide the cure to your broken heart. She will love you so dearly that you will bury all your previous heartaches in the dirt. The power of her love will supersede all sorts of sorrow that you have in your heart.

This world is filled with people who are bloodied and they have kneeled down to the clouds of sadness. Not this girl! She believes that there is a remedy for every pain and that anything can be healed by the power of love.

I remember the story of a dog named Hachiko who lost his master and his best friend. Hachiko never quit on love. When everyone lost faith and moved on in their life, he stood there like a rock and waited for his best friend to just come home and play with him like they used to. These girls are no different than Hachiko. Hachiko might also be their spirit animal if you ask me. There aren’t many people in the world who will just keep forgiving you and waiting for you even though you’re a lost cause but if at any point in your life, you realize that she is worth it, she will not make you feel like, it’s too late. She will give you a chance, a shot at redemption.

One of the most wonderful things anyone can do for another person is making them a better version of themselves. These kinds of girls will bring out the best in you if you let them.

You make me a better person”

Someday, you will say these words to her and you will mean them with all your heart because she helped you accomplish this feat. She helped you fight your fragile securities and the memories of a tragic past.

When you got into a relationship with her, you had trust issues; you knew that even though you made promises to her, you didn’t mean them because your past kept on haunting you. Against all odds, she had the power to overturn your conviction and instill you with a new and optimistic one. The gift of hope, my friend, is beautiful. Embrace the person whoever gave you hope.

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