Reasons Your Lies Are Ruining Your Life


1. Remembering your lies

How good do you think your memory is? If you tell somebody a lie, you have to be able to remember exactly what you told them. If ever you forget the lie you told, there is a chance that you’ll contradict yourself later on and subsequently get caught. You may even find you need to tell a second lie to avoid being found out for the first one. Telling numerous lies obviously means even more remembering. Before you know it, you may find yourself tangled in an intricate web of drama and deceit. Life is so much simpler when you endeavor to be straightforward and tell the truth.

2. Losing people’s trust

When you get caught lying, people tend to mistrust you from that point forward. If you lie habitually, people will become especially wary of you. There may come a point in time when nobody believes anything you have to say, even though you may actually be telling the truth. When someone mistrusts you, they are unlikely to want to be your friend or have a close relationship with you. Hence, the habitual liar is often a very lonely person.

3. A bad reputation

When people know you for a liar, your reputation is basically ruined. What’s more, it’s human nature to gossip, so news of your lies will quickly spread. Getting caught telling lies is embarrassing, and it makes you look like a light-headed person. You see when you tell a lie, you assume that you won’t be discovered. Hence, you presume that you’re smarter than the people around you. Only a liar underestimates other peoples’ intelligence. Do you really want others to think you’re a moron because of a lie you told?