10 Easy Ways Of Removing Plaque You Need To Know

The best ways to removing plaque quickly is by brushing and flossing regularly and having regular dental cleanings.

The first step in removing plaque from teeth is finding it, which can be a challenge unless it is stained. Plaque can become stained with red “disclosing tablets” that are chewed and easy to find.

An alternative is to spread green food coloring on the teeth using a cotton swab. The green or red color left behind on your teeth will show the plaque, letting you know where to brush to get rid of it. Staining your teeth regularly is a good way to find and remove all plaque.

1. Avoid Starchy or Sugary Foods

Unfortunately, the bacteria that live in plaque thrive with starchy or sugary foods. Whenever you consume these items, the bacteria will release acid that causes cavities and tooth decay. You can prevent this and stop worrying about how to remove plaque from teeth by eating fewer processed foods. If you do indulge, pay extra care when brushing and flossing. Be particularly wary of soft drinks which have added sugars as well as both citric and phosphoric acids, which erode teeth enamel, inviting cavities.

2. Floss and Brush

Flossing will remove food particles as well as germs between your teeth. Be sure to rinse after and always ease your floss gently into place. Snapping it can hurt the gums.
When it comes to brushing, use a method that is comfortable instead of scrubbing hard in a back and forth motion.

Instead, use back and forth motions that are short or smaller circular ones. You should hold your toothbrush so it forms a 45 degree angle with the gum line. Pay close attention to every tooth so you don’t miss any area. Brush the inner and outer surfaces along with the chewing surfaces, paying extra attention to the teeth in the back that are hard to reach. It should take around two minutes to brush your teeth properly.
To prevent decay, opt for a toothpaste with fluoride as this substance protects your teeth. You should also brush your tongue to feel fresh. Ideally, brush twice every day, but if you only do so once, do it right before bed.

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