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Phrases You Should Say To Your Partner Always

Phrases You Should Say To Your Partner Always

How many times a day do you let your partner know that you love her?

Sometimes, trust and continuous coexistence make us assume that our partner knows our feelings. Maybe yes, but it’s worth telling him.

Each day reaffirm the love we feel for our partner with phrases, will lead us to have an excellent relationship .

You are important to me

Telling your partner that you are important in your life is very positive. We have to let him know that he is someone with whom we decided to share part of our life. Finally, it is so important and special, that’s why it’s included in your plans .

It bothers me

Telling your partner what bothers you about him can lead to better communication. Come on, not all the time we will love the attitude or decisions of our partner, but we can discuss them to reach an agreement. Otherwise, we will feel frustrated and resentment will begin to build up.

We could do..?

Take the initiative is something that many women do not and should, that shows interest in the relationship and leads us to have a better balance with the loved one.

I would like…

Men are not fortune-tellers and although we do not like them, they do not understand hints either. It is better to tell him what you like and what you do not . In the end, for that reason there are many misunderstandings and disagreements. Stop thinking that you will guess or read your mind and express what worries you, you want, prefer and need.

Thank you

Thank your partner for doing nice things for you or when he helps you with something. Remember that a “Thank you” always makes things better. Also, when you ask for something, say “Please” . It reflects consideration and good manners. They are the magic words.

I like this about you

Telling him the things you love about him encourages him to continue doing them.

It’s okay

Sometimes we must yield. In a couple relationship, both are committed to seeing for the welfare of oneself, the other and the relationship. From that perspective, sometimes there will be activities that you do not like to do, but to him yes and as he gives in to please you, you are going to have to do it and in a good way.

I am sorry

Asking forgiveness and accepting that sometimes we are wrong is very human, and it is also a gesture of nobility. Of course, not all the time the relationship is going to be honey over chips and we have to answer for our actions . Being responsible for the consequences of our decisions makes us mature.


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