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How to Get Armpit Stains Out of Shirts

How to Get Armpit Stains Out of Shirts

1. Tenderizer
It may not be your method of cleaning these stains on your shirts, but the meat stirrer can help. Before putting your shirt in the washer, moisten the colored area first and sprinkle the meat stirrer over it. Let it sit for a minute and then wash normally.

2. Dishwasher
Try cleaning the stain by using soap with hydrogen peroxide. Use the two in equal parts and rub in the yellow areas. Allow the shirts to sit for at least one hour before washing. Dishwasher will help to clean the stains, while peroxide will help bleach the area.

3. Salt
Salt is a common household object that you can use to help turn yellow spots into white. In one liter of hot water, dissolve four tablespoons of salt. Use a sponge to apply this solution to the colored area and use it until the stain disappears.

4. Lemon juice
You can use lemon juice and a mixture of water to remove stains on your clothes. Lemon juice acid can help reduce the appearance of yellow spots. Mix equal parts of warm water together with fresh lemon juice and clean in the faded area.

5. Undetected vinegar
Applying undiluted vinegar to colored areas can help bleach yellow markings on the shirts. Vinegar can be used as a strong acid treatment to reduce the appearance of sweat stains. Simply pour vinegar directly into the area, let it stand for a few minutes, then wash as you would normally. This method to get sublimation spots in the shirt is not only effective for sweat stains. Easy removal of vinegar in areas with deodorizing spots will also help to remove residues.

6. Aspirin
Soak the colored shirt in half a cup of warm water with two broken aspirins dissolved in it. Allow the shirt to soften for at least two hours and then wash normally.

7. Baking soda
Baking soda is a multipurpose household object that can be used to help remove stubborn stains. Make a paste using four tablespoons of sodium bicarbonate with a cup of warm water and pre-treat stains by rubbing this paste into the affected areas. Leave the paste to dry for about two hours, then wash it with the rest of the laundry.

8. Ammonia
Before you throw your painted shirt, try using a mixture of ammonia with half strength and water. Remove the stained area with the mixture, then wash it.

9. Wash in cold water
Using hot water during the wash cycle can actually help even more stains. Instead, rinse your clothes under cold water and then wash your colored clothing in cold water.

10. Removal of dyes
The use of stain removers can help break down these yellow spots of sweat. Choose one you can use directly on the shirt, and one you can add to the wash cycle to get rid of very deep spots.

9 Amazing Benefits of Thinking Positively

9 Amazing Benefits of Thinking Positively

Helps lower blood pressure

Did you know that your pessimism may be the cause of hypertension? Research published in the Journal of Personality and Social Psychology shows that pessimists tend to have higher blood pressure than optimists. This is probably due to the fact that they are more stressed. A normal blood pressure is one of the benefits of positive thinking.

Improves confidence

Being a positive thinker allows you to be more confident. Generally, people who are optimistic about the future tend to be more confident in themselves and in their abilities. On the other hand, pessimists always criticize their skills and abilities, and therefore have no reason to trust themselves.

A causal observation of people will reveal that people who are joyful and happy tend to have a high self-esteem. They are more comfortable in their skin than pessimists.


Reduces stress levels

People who think positively tend to have lower levels of stress. Research has proven this. A student study assessed the coping and stress mechanisms at the beginning and end of the semester and found that positive students had a much lower level of stress. In another study of survivors of rocket attacks, it was shown that pessimists were more prone to depression and anxiety after experience.

While the above are extraordinary cases, they are a clear indication that optimism contributes to improving quality of life and reducing stress.

Promote better relationships

Positive thinkers tend to have more luck in relationships. The reason for this is that people are more attracted to optimists than pessimists. Optimists also always choose to see good in others rather than focus on the wicked. This helps build better relationships that last a lifetime.

Slows down the aging process

Optimists aged like wine and cheese – they only get better with age. A study of adults aged over 60 showed that pessimists were 80% more likely to experience functional complications and mobility earlier than they were. If you want to delay the aging, then you might want to have a more positive view of life. This is one of the benefits of positive thinking.

Improves immunity

As mentioned earlier, positive thinking helps to keep the stress of a bay. Consequently, it leads to better health and well-being. Optimists are less likely to suffer from common diseases such as viral fever, flu and even severe, such as heart disease. Sick people can feel much better focusing on positive rather than negative, even without medication. Research has shown that a relaxed mind and happy thoughts trigger the release of stress-relieving hormones that help improve the body’s immunity. This ensures that you get sick less often

Improves self-preservation

It is easy to suppose that optimists take less precautions to prevent health disasters, such as cardiac complications, because they always expect things to do the best. However, this is not the case. Positive thinkers generally take better care of their bodies than pessimists. They are more likely to practice sex safely, eat healthy and train.

Increased pain tolerance

If you are optimistic, you have a higher tolerance to pain, then someone who is always negative. You would expect a pessimist to tolerate more pain than ever before, but this is not the case.

Improves Coping Skills

George Patton, a teenager of health research at the Murdoch Children’s Center for Adolescent Health in Melbourne, says optimists are less likely to develop a series of physical and mental health complications such as cardiovascular disease and depression at the time in which they are at their advanced age.

Among adolescents, the same study has shown that positive thinking helps prevent depression and abusive substance abuse and antisocial behavior. While other factors come into play in this issue, such as education and psychological functioning. It also happens that those children who are more optimistic will be better able to cope with the behavioral and emotional problems faced by adolescents.


9 Common Mistakes Women Make In Relationships Without Realizing It

9 Common Mistakes Women Make In Relationships Without Realizing It

So many people struggle with relationships without understanding what they’re doing wrong. It can be frustrating to feel like you can’t make things work when you’re trying so hard.

Here’s a list of things that many women do without realizing it that can be hurting their relationships.

1. You undervalue yourself

Some women only want men who are unavailable, while others chase after bad boys. Some women put up with unacceptable behaviors and other women just don’t ask for what they deserve. If you notice any of these behaviors in yourself, it’s a sign that you need to value yourself if you want to be successful in relationships.

You may feel that you are “not enough” or that no one could love who you are. These are issues that you need to (and can!) solve on your own. I have met hundreds of women and not one has been inadequate or unlovable. I am confident that you are deserving of respect and love from someone who loves you.

2. You don’t communicate

It may seem like you’re sparing your boyfriend or husband by choosing not to communicate your opinions and aggravations, but you are definitely destroying your relationship. Kindly communicate your feelings and allow him to do the same. This will develop trust and understanding in your relationship as well as help both of you to better fulfill each other’s needs.

3. You put everything else first

With everything going on in life it’s easy to put your relationship on the back burner. But it’s not hard to see that this will corrode your relationship, because clearly relationships take effort.

But not only will your relationship die when you neglect it, but putting your kids, job, parents, talents and friends ahead of your spouse makes him feel worthless. Avoid this mistake that many women make by making your man your first priority.

4. You look for a man to complete you

If you’re waiting for or dependent upon a relationship to make you feel confident or happy, it’s always going to be out of reach because you cannot put that responsibility on someone else; it comes from yourself. People who are happy in relationships are the same people who are happy out of relationships. Develop your own happiness and self-respect at whatever stage you’re in right now. It’s the only way to attain it (and it will make you more attractive to boot!).

5. You withhold affection

Choosing to withhold physical affection as a tool to control or manipulate your partner is awful and can cause deep tears to form in your relationship.

6 Signs That You Are In A Failing Relationship

6 Signs That You Are In A Failing Relationship
Photo by Melanie Wasser on Unsplash

In healthy relationships, the happiness of the two people involved is very important….

It is very healthy for them to stay content and aware of each other. However, if one of them is compromising too much or hurting too much, it is not a healthy sign.

1. It is adding negativity to your life.
A relationship is supposed to make you happy. It is supposed to add positivity to your life and to improve your life. However, if you are constantly brought down in a relationship then you really need to finish off things. A negative person will make your life negative. It wouldn’t matter if the person is generally nice, because the negative thinking will cause a lot of negative energy to take over.

2. They just want to change you.
When you fall in love with a person, you do so because you find the person attractive. It would be bizarre if you look at someone and then make a mental list of all the things you want to change about them. If you can’t accept each other for you both really are, then what is the point of the relationship at all?

3. You cannot open up comfortably.
Do you think a million times before sharing anything with them? Are they restricting you and keeping you in a box? Do you feel that you just can’t say what you really want to? If all of these are things you can relate to then your relationship is either sinking or has already hit rock bottom. Be with someone who appreciates what you have to say and values your opinions.

4. You fail to trust them.
Trust is the most important feature of a relationship. If the people involved cannot trust each other, then why are they even together? It is very important for the two people to love each other but trust is equally important. If they have broken your heart too many times and then apologized later, don’t just forgive them again like that.

5. Your fights are never resolved.
I always stress on the fact that arguments do not break relationships but they often make them stronger. You both are together and you both want to convince each other of something which gives rise to little arguments. However, if your arguments are taking forever to resolve then there is something definitely wrong with your relationship, and it would be best to let it go.

6. Everything feels one-sided.
A relationship is not supposed to make you feel worthless. In fact it is supposed to make you feel special but if it involves a person always thinking about themselves and their goals, you are in trouble. The person shouldn’t just be there when he is bored or when he needs someone to talk to – he should be there when you need him too. If they can’t make you feel wanted and you feel like someone only worth of keeping them happy, run away! And run as fast as you can

5 Morning Habits That Will Make You Happier

5 Morning Habits That Will Make You Happier

Find it hard to get moving in the morning? Here are five ways to kickstart your day.

1. Wake up to sweet sounds.

Music can be a real mood changer. So, program your alarm clock to play your favorite uplifting songs. This is so easy to do with today’s smart phones and tablets.

2. Stretch, instead of hitting snooze, and before you even open your eyes!

Stretch each arm and leg for 15 seconds, one at a time. Wiggle your toes and fingers. Roll your neck. See that? You’ve got your blood pumping and you didn’t have to do much at all.

3. Exercise.

Even 10 minutes of sit-ups or squats can be a super energy booster. Bonus: You can do these moves right next to your bed!

4. Eat breakfast, even if you don’t feel hungry.

And don’t wolf down your food. Instead, take a few minutes to sit and enjoy a meal. Eating more slowly allows your body to better digest food. When you rush, your digestion becomes sluggish, which can slow you down physically and mentally. Choose healthy foods like oatmeal, yogurt, or whole wheat bread with peanut butter to rev up your metabolism.

5. Smile! It doesn’t cost a thing, but you gain so much

Smiling can make you happy and bring on happy thoughts. And while you’re at it… kiss everyone you love in your house before you head out the door. Who doesn’t smile after a kiss?

H/T: knowmore.tv

5 Signs She Might Be A Player

5 Signs She Might Be A Player

1. She doesn’t show much interest in you.

Some of this female players don’t have much interest in you but in what you have or what they want from you. They will send signals that they are attracted to u just to blind you but you get closer they will push you away without you noticing.

2. She tell lies.

A female player will lie to you about herself and whereabouts, she will lie about things just to hide herself in case things goes wrong between the two of you. So if you find out she has lied about things you asked her about, then never trust her not even everything she once told you. Don’t ever fall for her words or believe what she says.

3. She has less or no female friends.

Female player know much involvement with her female friends may cause her problems to complete her mission, she know most women are betrayers and if one of her friends find our about her mission she may mess everything about her plans.

4. She is not sensitive.

We all know women are emotional, so if the women your dating isn’t emotional and sensitive to what you tell her, definitely she is not interested in you at all, she is just their for her own benefit so watch out.

5. She doesn’t ask much about your life.

Female players know what they want, you will find she is much interested in other things rather than your life, she won’t ask you much about yourself or your past, she won’t go deep to know you cause she is just passing by and not there to say with you.



5 Reasons Your Relationships Keep Failing

5 Reasons Your Relationships Keep Failing

We have all been at that point where we feel like quitting our relationships. Relationships can be draining at times but that is what love is about. Being there for each other no matter what the situation is. When you quit a relationship people will have all sorts of speculations.

You have been in so many relationships and they tend to follow a certain time span. They last for about six or even three months. Sometimes it might be your fault and sometimes it might be their fault.

Well here is something that I am hoping will help you know why this has been happening. I hope it helps.

1. Dramatic

You make a big fuss of things that happen between you. When you find your spouse speaking to a person of the opposite sex, you start throwing tantrums saying that you are being cheated on. Grow up!

2. Always Busy

You have no time for your relationship. you rarely call to check up on the person. No matter how busy you are if you love someone you will always find time for him or her.


3. YOLO (You Only Live Once)

You get into a relationship and still want to hang out in clubs with friends during weekends; you flirt with every guy and do all the single deeds because you only live once. Relationships + YOLO = a single you

4. Indecisive

You do not know what you want. You say you are thirsty but take food to quench your thirst. You preach on t-shirts but wear ties. You are a confused soul.

5. You Make Your Relationship Everyone’s Business.

It is okay to talk to talk to your best friend and a family member about the on goings of your relationship but you have to know the limits and not cross them. The problem with telling everyone about what is going on in your relationship is that 93% of the people are happy you are going through them and 7% do not give a damn. Know what you want.

6. ‘I want it all’

You want to eat the cake and still have it. People come and go in our lives. You cannot stop it. That’s how it is and will always be. You broke up with someone and immediately got into a relationship only to start talking about your ex and comparing your present partner to your ex. You want to get back with your ex and still be in the other relationship. Set your cards right. If someone lied to you once he or she is probably going to do it over and over again. Your past belongs behind you thus the name.

7. High court judge

You are too judgmental. You keep judging your partners’ deeds and try to show them what they should do. Remember that no one is perfect. We all make mistakes, get up , shake off the dust and keep walking.


8. Over Possessive

you want to know where your partner goes, who he talks to and who he calls and texts. You call after every twenty minutes in a day. You are too clingy. You do not give him or her time to breathe or at least time with his or her friends. This will only make you look awkward and difficult to cope with.

The Type Of Guy You Need To Avoid Marrying Based On Your Zodiac Sign

The Type Of Guy You Need To Avoid Marrying Based On Your Zodiac Sign

Aquarius (January 21 February 18)

You can’t settle for marrying the clingy and needy man. As an Aquarius, you value your individuality above all things. You would never want to be with someone who doesn’t give you the space and freedom to be your own person. You can’t handle a codependent relationship because that just isn’t your personality at all.

Pisces (February 19 March 20)

You need to be with a guy who is grounded and somewhat realistic. Remember that as a Pisces, you are an inherent dreamer and fantasy-addict. You are always living with your head up in the clouds. That’s why you can’t be with a man who just feeds your fantasies. You need to find yourself a man who grounds you in reality someone who keeps you from flying too high.


Aries (March 21 April 19)

As an Aries woman, you really need to steer clear of the guy who has temper issues. Remember that you are a fiery and intense person already. And you won’t necessarily know how to play well with someone who is going to be just as intense as you are. You have a very short temper and things aren’t going to bode well if your partner is someone who is going to lash out at you as well.

Taurus (April 20 May 21)

Drama. That’s the one thing you hate the most in this world. And so you should do yourself a favor and avoid marrying a man who just constantly attracts drama into his life. You would never be able to take that for too long.

Gemini (May 22 June 21)

You are never going to be able to survive a long-term relationship with the shy and quiet guy. As a Gemini woman, you are notorious for being someone who gets bored all too easily. So you would never be able to sustain a relationship with a guy who can’t keep things interesting. You need to be with an animated man who is able to stimulate you on multiple levels.

Cancer (June 22 July 22)

You really shouldn’t marry a guy who is goal-oriented and career-obsessed. You have to remember that as a Cancer woman, you are as needy as they come. You constantly desire attention and affection. You are very insecure and you always want your man to be clinging at your side. A career-oriented guy isn’t going to be able to give you the attention that you need.

Leo (July 23 August 22)

Find yourself a guy who isn’t an alpha male. You are an alpha woman. You are a strong woman who is capable of great things. Your confidence levels are through the roof. You are always so used to being the dominant personality in a relationship. That’s why it makes sense for you to only marry men who are obedient and submissive. You can’t have a healthy relationship with a guy who will want to dominate you.

Virgo (August 23 September 22)

As a Virgo lady, you need to avoid being with a man without a plan. You can’t marry a guy who has no direction or ambition. You wouldn’t be happy being with someone who is content with a life of mediocrity.

Libra (September 23 October 22)

You can’t find happiness in a marriage with a man who is going to be afraid of falling in love with you. You can’t be with someone who is emotionally withholding. As a Libra, you are all for the magical flare and dramatics that come with love. And you don’t want to end up as the girl who is deprived of that magic just because you have a man who is too afraid to love.

Scorpio (October 23 November 22)

You have to make sure that you avoid marrying a guy who is forward and flirtatious. As a Scorpio lady, you already know that you are prone to getting territorial in a relationship. It’s so easy for you to get jealous and it wouldn’t be a good sign if you find that your man is flirting with other women. So find yourself a man who isn’t going to be so forward and confident.

Sagittarius (November 23 December 21)

You won’t want to be a man who is going to pressure you into settling down when you’re not ready to do so. As a Sagittarius woman, freedom is important to you. You absolutely hate the feeling of being tied down or being made to feel like you can’t do your own thing. That’s why you should avoid marrying a guy who wants to keep your feet planted on the ground.

Capricorn (December 22 January 20)

You would never want to be in a marriage with a freeloading man. As a Capricorn, you are ambitious and driven. You understand the value of hard work. You don’t want to be in a relationship with anyone who thinks that they’re entitled to everything without having to work for it.

H/T: RelRules 

8 Thoughts A Man Has When He Finds The Right Woman

8 Thoughts A Man Has When He Finds The Right Woman

Have you found the woman of your dreams? Here are 8 thoughts that every man has when he meets the right woman.

1. She is a part of me

The thoughts of being away from her or being deceitful to her seem impossible to him now that he thinks of her as a part of him. The guy who ran away from love has found it in the most beautiful woman no matter what the world tells him. After having all these thoughts, he knows one thing for sure: she is his Mrs. Right and there is no denying that.

2. I can tell her everything

Guys tend to keep their lips locked if they are not interested in the person they are dating; they prefer silence over having to tell the other person about their past tragic experiences or anything else that is important. But with this woman who makes him want to change, he is ready to spill out all his secrets and is not afraid of doing so. With this woman, he knows it will be okay, that she deserves to know him fully without any part of his life missed.

3. She keeps getting prettier

Men who do not stay interested in women for too long find it a bit surprising to find to someone beautiful even after a long time of being with them. Lust makes them stay attracted only in the starting period and it fades over time but when a man finally falls in love, his Mrs. Right keeps getting prettier every day.

The reason behind this may be that he looks at her closely every day and wants to see the beauty in her. Taming of such men is such a wonderful thing to experience.

4. Am I good enough?

He tries working a little too hard on himself when he is about to meet you. Everything now revolves around keeping you interested. He starts wondering if you feel about him what he feels about you and if you are willing to be with him for as long as he wishes to. Do I look good enough to be with her? Am I a good person? Do I deserve her? He asks these questions to himself too often now.


5. She is the only woman

It means a lot for a man to give up trying to impress all the women he comes across for the sake of the one he holds so dear. At one stage when he realizes the extent of his love for The Right One, he will unconsciously pull himself away from businesses of flirting and womanizing. At this stage, it will al be about her. He will get everything he looked for in that one woman who never fails to see what is up with him. The guy will finally, magically, change.

6. No more games

He wants to settle when it comes to being with the right woman. People tend to play games in relationships by dividing their attention and scoring other dates while they appear to be in a relationship with someone. Suddenly, for the guy who used to play games, all those affairs seem to be immature and meaningless and he does not want to play them anymore. All he wants from life, now, is spending it with her peacefully without any more games being played. A serious relationship is what he wants now.

7. I don’t want to change a thing about her

We have all known guys who wished to change something about us like our taste in clothes and anything else that should completely be our choice. With this guy so in love with the woman he thinks is right for her, it will not be like this; he will not want to change a single thing about her and would want to keep her the way she is because that was the girl he fell in love with. Her imperfections would be so perfect for him.

 8. I love talking to her

With The Right One, he never has to experience awkward silences and he loves it. With all the other women he has been with, there was never really a lot of things to talk about but here, with both of you equally interested, the conversations never seem to bore him. In fact, he loves to talk to you because he loves the flow of it. He loves how easy you have made it for him to communicate without losing confidence. With The Right One, everything is a little more fun.

H/T: RelRules 

18 Amazing Psychology Facts Everyone Needs To Know

18 Amazing Psychology Facts Everyone Needs To Know

Below is a list of 18 incredible psychological facts that everyone absolutely needs to know!

1. Chocolate discharges the same chemical in your body as when you feel love.

When you eat chocolate, it releases several neurotransmitters in your brain that have a positive effect on human feelings.

One of the main neurotransmitters released is phenylethlyamine, which causes alertness, excitement, quickens the pulse rate and makes you happy!

It is often referred to as “the love drug” because it arouses feelings similar to those that occur when someone is in love.

Photo by John Sting

2. A 20 second hug releases chemicals in the body that help you trust the one you’re hugging.

Oxytocin is released in the body when a person considers themselves to be secure, safe and connected to their loved ones.

Through the release of this chemical, the brain knows that everything is safe and that there is no need to worry.

Photo by Max Rovensky

3. We’re only capable of being close with about 150 people.

Dunbar’s number is a suggested cognitive limit to the number of people with whom one can maintain stable social relationships.

Relationships in which an individual knows who each person is and how each person relates to every other person.

This number was first proposed in the 1990s by British anthropologist Robin Dunbar, who found a correlation between primate brain size and average social group size.

Photo by Jakob Owens on Unsplash

4. Your brain is more creative when it’s tired.

If you’re trying to do creative work, you’ll actually have more luck when you’re more tired and your brain isn’t functioning as efficiently.

This sounds crazy, but it actually makes sense when you look at the reasoning behind it.

It’s one of the reasons why great ideas often happen in the shower after a long day of work.

Photo by Jakob Owens on Unsplash

5. The brain feels rejection as pain.

We all know that rejection hurts, but neuroscience has concluded that it does in fact, literally, hurt.

While the brain does not process emotional pain and physical pain identically, the reaction and cascading events are very similar, and the same natural chemical is released during both events.

Photo by Brooke Cagle on Unsplash


6. You can’t multitask.

Don’t believe the multitasking hype, scientists say.

New research shows that we humans aren’t as good as we think we are at doing several things at once. But it also highlights a human skill that gave us an evolutionary edge. (source)

7. 80% of conversations are gossiping.

It is often dismissed as mere tittle-tattle. But gossip is at the very core of being human, scientists believe.

Dr Nicholas Emler says that the swapping of juicy bits of information is fundamental to being human and separates us from the rest of the animal kingdom.

Photo by freestocks.org on Unsplash

8. Relationships are more important for your health than exercise.

University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill researchers found that the size and quality of a person’s social ties affect specific health measures, such as abdominal obesity and hypertension, at different points in their lives. (source)

9. No blind person has ever developed schizophrenia.

Pretty interesting right?

Across all past papers, there has not been even one reported case of a congenitally blind person who developed schizophrenia.

Photo by Niklas Hamann  

10. Your favorite song is likely associated with an emotional event.

You and everyone else.

11. Music impacts your perspective.

This one seems kind of obvious!

A study at the University of Groningen showed that music has a dramatic impact on your perception.

Photo by Autumn Goodman  


12. The more you spend on others, the happier you are.

According to various studies. Be sure to give plenty this holiday season!


13. Spending money on experience instead of stuff also makes you happier.

Collect memories not things, right?

Photo by Ryan Moreno 

14. If you announce your goals, you’re less likely to succeed.

It’s true. Tests since the 1930’s have pretty well proven it.

15. Certain religious practices lower stress.

“The American Psychiatric Publishing Textbook of Mood Disorders” shows that people who engage in meditation and prayer religiously are less stressed out.

Photo by Eye for Ebony  

16. Money does buy happiness, but only up to $75,000 a year.

For the average American, $75k a year buys happiness. It liberates you from poverty and gets you what you need in life.

17. 18 to 33 year olds are the most stressed out people on earth.

Family, education, work, it can all be pretty stressful.

18. Being with happy people makes you happier.

This should come as no surprise.

H/T: Higher Perspectives