“My partner is cheating”

Immature individuals play one good turn deserves another with sex.  if your partner is unfaithful face him/her, request change or leave. Try not to sin on the grounds that your partner sins, don’t stoop low on the grounds that your partner does. You are in charge of you.

 “Every man must have a side chick”

No! Being a man isn’t thinking with your penis yet your mind and heart. Genuine men don’t see ladies’ legs as objective presents on score, they don’t see ladies as sex trophies. Real men will be men of respect, they have respectability, cherishing that one lady and remaining consistent with their pledges.

“My partner is too far and I have needs”

if you can’t deal with a long distance relationship end it. Try not to use it as a reason to cheating on your far off partner who is saving all his/her affection for you. You can’t have it both ways.

 “Everyone is doing it”

No! Not every person is engaging in extramarital relations. There is a huge percentage faithful people you simply ignore that rate to justify your childish ways.

“We’ll use protection”

Protection is more than putting a condom. Protection is guarding your partner from the torment of your unfaithfulness, guarding what is between your legs since it has a place with only one.

“I had no other choice”

You generally have a good and bad decision; the wrong decision is just simpler. Do you have the greatness and guts to make the wisest decision?

  “One last time”

Just jokers use this line.  if you extremely needed to quit cheating you would not make a request to do the crime one final time. Like any addiction, “One final time” prompts another “One last time”

 “I will sex you better than your partner”

Sex isn’t an competition. if somebody comes to laugh your partner and how exhausting your sexual life is with your partner and boasting about how extraordinary his/her sex can be; you’d be a trick to fall for that lie. You are with your partner for more than sex, isn’t that so?  if discover your partner boring at spicing up your love life, not holding hands with an outsider who may sex you good at that point become tired of you .

  “No one will know”

Cheating comes out into the open in the long run. Regardless of whether it won’t your conscience and God will know and your integrity and character will rot away as an consequence.

 “My partner and I have problems”

Quit being a weakling, a escapist and a go getter.  if you and your partner have issues unravel them, don’t hide away between an outcast’s legs who doesn’t have your best interest  at heart.

  “Blame it on the alcohol”

Liquor just brings out what we want and think.  if you wind up cheating because that you are drunk, the liquor just fanned your inward evil fire.

  “Every young lady sleeps around to get on top”

No young woman trying to make it in your career; you can exceed expectations and ascend to the best using your brightness, talent and brains; not by being top off men. You are superior to this.

  “The temptation was too sweet to pass”

You will be tempted such a significant number of times. There will be that hot lady or man who gets your attention particularly when things are shaky amongst you and your partner. But each temptation can be vanquished. Faithfulness is a choice, Loyalty is a decision, to cheat is additionally a choice.