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Ladies, Pick To Love This Type Of Man

Ladies, Pick To Love This Type Of Man

1. Pick a guy with a vision. He can help you to build yourself, he is aware of where he’s going.

2. Pick a guy who is funny. you’ll never be bored.

3. Pick a guy who treats people and also the less privileged with dignity. He has a good heart.

4. Pick a guy who listens. you’ll be understood.

5. Pick a guy whose idea of fun is constructive, not endless drinking and clubbing. he’s mature.

6. Pick a guy who desires to start a family. your time won’t be wasted on pointless dates.

7. Pick a guy who likes to read, and not only for exams. he’s wise and deep.

8. Pick a guy who respects his father irrespective of how his father is. He has learned true manhood.

9. Pick a guy who doesn’t insult his ex or your ex even though the break up was messy. he’s someone who enters into love for the proper reasons

10. Pick a guy who desires you. He will hold on to you.

11. Pick a guy who allows you to love him, who helps you to see the condition of his weaknesses and strengths. He trusts you.

12. Pick a guy who accepts correction and changes his ways if he offends you. He will make himself better to love you.

13. Pick a guy who prays for you. He is aware of you’re a gift from God.

14. Pick a guy who treats different ladies with respect. He will show you even a lot of respect.

15. Pick a guy who loves different people’s kids. he’s a father figure and will make a decent father to your kids.

16. Pick a guy who loves his mum. He has been brought up well.

17. Pick a guy who has a good set of friends.You can tell the character of a person by the friends he keeps.

18. Pick a guy who values intimacy above sex. He are going to be faithful to you.

19. Pick a guy who is always interested in your dreams. He cares about your future.

20. Pick a guy who respects your choices and doesn’t rush you. He sees you as an equal.

21. Pick a guy who corrects you after you are wrong and inspires and pushes you to try and do better. He sees your potential and can not rest till your potential is lived out. That man is a keeper.

22. Pick a guy who has been consistent on his focus. you’ll rely on him.

23. Pick a guy who works hard, is self driven, hustles and is diligent even when he has very little. That man is going places and sooner or later he can make you proud.

24. Pick a guy who isn’t intimidated by different men when they notice your beauty. he’s a secure man.

25. Pick a guy who want you more than anything (more than pizza) 🙂


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