Home Relationship It’s Better to Be Alone Than With The Wrong Person – A Must Read

It’s Better to Be Alone Than With The Wrong Person – A Must Read

It’s Better to Be Alone Than With The Wrong Person – A Must Read

A lot of people stay in unhealthy relationships just because they can’t imagine having to go back to the single life, but being single doesn’t necessarily mean you’re alone, and there a lot of things about it that are actually pretty awesome.The bottom line is that being in a relationship is something that should make your life better. If it doesn’t, you’re with the wrong person, and you can do better.

1. You deserve the best. Don’t ever feel obligated to stay with someone for any reason. It’s easy to get caught in the trap of believing this is the best you’ll ever find, but if you aren’t happy, you can and will find someone better. You just need a little faith.

2. It isn’t supposed to be hard all the time. If you think relationships are hard work, then you’d be right. But that doesn’t mean the bad times should outweigh the good. You should be able to look at your relationship as a whole and honestly say you’re happy the majority of the time, or else it’s just not worth it.

3. One day you’ll regret settling. Maybe choosing to overlook certain things seems like a good idea now, but there could come a day where you wish you’d chosen to embrace the single life when you were still young. You don’t want to wonder years from now if there was someone out there who you would have been happier with.

4. Being single has its perks. There are too many awesome things about being single to list here. But just know that you definitely aren’t guaranteed to be miserable just because you don’t have a boyfriend.

5. You can’t force compatibility. Maybe he’s perfect on paper, and he’s exactly what you always thought you wanted, but there’s just no… spark. You have different opinions on some pretty important things, and he just doesn’t get your sense of humor. There are some things that no amount of dedication to the relationship are ever going to change, so just accept that he’s not The One and move on.


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